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  1. Well that fixed it, something so simple I didn't even think to try. Select the startup disk in System Preferences. Thanks.
  2. Upgraded to the new BIOS. The only issue I'm having is that no matter what I do, it boots into my Windows 8 drive. I change the boot priority and when I reboot it puts windows 8 back at the top. I had to disable the SATA port it's connected to to boot into OS X. It's not really that big of a deal since I don't have to physically unplug it, but I get the impression here that I am the only one experiencing this. Any ideas?
  3. Well let me be the first to answer that yes, sleep/wake work flawlessly every time. At least that has been my experience. At one point, after I first upgraded to Mavericks, I would lose audio on wake, but after I rolled back the audio driver I've had no such issues.
  4. Well on other local Mac's it does change the text from iMac to whatever you change the text to, which I guess can also be changed in the sharing preferences. In the finder the little icon in the sidebar does remain an iMac. I really hadn't looked that closely at it until now.
  5. To change the info, all you need to do is follow the directions from this post: Editing ‘About This Mac’ | Skyline OSX It was much easier than I expected it to be, otherwise I would have done it a long time ago.
  6. After reading this post I decided to change my system to the iMac13,2 and give it a try. I knew from previous reading that it was the better option, but resisted because I didn't want to be identified on my network as an iMac, which by the way was an easy fix after doing some research. So after changing to iMac13,2 I noticed my GeekBench score jumped from 13200 or so to 14800, then they dropped to 13800 or so for no apparent reason. I played around with a lot of things trying to figure out what caused the 1000 point drop. After chasing my tail for a while I gave up. Then a couple of days later, the 14800 score came back when I ran GeekBench. So I started the tail chasing again. It turns out that after my computer goes to sleep, for how long does not matter, my scores jump up the 1000 points. Strange. Just thought I'd share. Also in fooling around with changing the SMBios a couple of questions were raised. First, is speed stepping working OOTB for those of us using IvyBridge CPU's? It would appear that to check I need to run a custom kext but with Ozmosis running these kexts and then removing them does not seems as straight forward as using Chameleon or Clover. In all actuality it probably is just as straight forward, but doesn't seem to be because it is not as well documented in the hackintosh forums. The Ozmosis page on this site seems to focus more on modding/building your custom Ozmosis BIOS from the ground up, not tweaking the original HermitCrabLabs version. I would hate to tinker and "F" anything up. The main question for me though would be, is speed stepping working OOTB for IvyBridge or do I need to figure out how to load an SSDT for my 3770K?
  7. My theory on iMessage with the new 894M BIOS is that it probably works fine on a clean install. But for those those of us who had already gotten iMessages working through the fix posted on the Wiki, the new BIOS breaks iMessages. I have not tested this theory because I never use iMessages and don't feel like doing another clean install, as I had just done one days before the new BIOS was released. I could very well be wrong though. It's just a theory.
  8. I would also be interested in purchasing one.
  9. You could try deleting the Bluetooth plist and the networking plist from /system/library/preferences. Be sure to empty the trash. Then reboot and repair your device. I had some similar Bluetooth issues with a number pad after repairing iMessages. It was "connected" but wouldn't work. This solved my problem. What is your "discoverable" name in your Bluetooth preferences? When this occurred on my machine it went from Flip's Mac Pro to CS-B4 or something
  10. King, After I did a fresh install of 10.9.2 I lost audio as I mentioned before. So I then applied the audio patch and rebooted. I did this on multiple occasions before electroshock pointed out that a simple reboot would correct the issue. I noticed in your previous post you wrote in bold to only apply the patch after an OS update. So have I caused any damage by applying it multiple times? I haven't noticed anything, but am tempted to do another fresh install. I would rather not burn the time setting all my apps/preferences back up though. Just curious. Thanks.
  11. I also paid for the WiFi/BT upgrade separate from the kickstarter contribution I made. The Wifi/BT module they sold us does not yet exist, or did not yet exist at the time of our purchase. They were, and hopefully are, having it made, similar to how they got Gigabyte to manufacture our motherboards. I haven't heard of anyone getting one yet, so I assume they aren't finished with them. It will be a PCI-e card I think. I would love to hear an estimate on when it will be finished, as well as when we can expect to have the firewire 1394B bracket.
  12. 10.9.4? The latest pre-release of Mavericks is only 10.9.3. Also, the latest Ozmosis firmware before 894M was 828M, so you were not previously running the latest BIOS.
  13. Where did you find this new version, Z77MXQUOAOS.H3B.894M? I do not see it on the Tor Ozmosis page. Nevermind, it's there now
  14. I am running Mavericks 10.9.2 with the 828M BIOS. My graphics card is the Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870. I have three displays connected to it and one connected to the on-board graphics for a total of 4. One of the displays connected to the 6870 stays off most of the time (it is a TV hanging on the wall) but OS X still recognizes it at all times. I am using the MD port, HDMI, and DVI connections on the 6870 and the DVI on the motherboard. After I started intermittently losing audio on 10.9.2, I decided to do a fresh install of Mavericks because it's something I like to do every once in a while and I thought it might fix the audio issue. Before I installed the fresh copy I re-flashed my BIOS with a fresh version of the 828M BIOS, although that is the version I was already using. So it is a clean install of 10.9.2. As I previously mentioned, I have never experienced any audio distortion of any sort, just the losing of audio every once in a while.
  15. I haven't experienced any audio distortion at all. I started with Lion back when I first got my board, then after a couple of months I upgraded to Mountain Lion, and after a couple more I upgraded again to Mavericks. I never experienced any distorted audio. I have my monitor's speakers plugged into the audio jack on the MB. I listen to music or podcasts quite often with no problems. Since upgrading to 10.9.2 I have lost audio altogether a couple of times, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but this has not occurred again for a couple of days now, and I'm hoping it somehow sorted itself out.