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  1. OS X 10.7 (Lion) install on Dell Optiplex 745

    Thanks for the Tip...gonna give it a try..If it does not work, will take the wife's e6700 and swap it with my e6300 ....
  2. OS X 10.7 (Lion) install on Dell Optiplex 745

    Kinda off topic Bugs, but was wondering how you got that Q6600 to run on your Optiplex. When I put mine in, the fan Just runs loud and no boot. I have The tower, and my CPU is the Q6600 SLACR MALAY 2.40GHz/8M/1066/05A... Any info would be appreciated... Other then that I have lion 10.7.3 running fairly nice at the exception of the sleep and No DSDT either. it boots to the loader, but does not start unless I manually chose the OS, which does not bother me too much since I have Lion, Snow Leo, and Win 7 on the same comp.
  3. SL 10.6.2 by Hazard on Dell latitude D610

    How did you manage that...mine won't even boot from the dvd What did you do for graphics...cause mine has the gma15 ad I see no driver for that on the cd..so when I boot it sits on a grey screen for hours...
  4. Belkin N Wireless USB Adaptor F5D8053

    Well I am using 10.6.2, but i have the Belkin F5D8053 (RALINK RT2870 CHIPSET) Downloaded their new driver from the Ralink website went into the Content folder ----> Info.plist and changed the device id and vendor id Did the same in the Resources Folder ----> Info.plist(as was suggested by previous posts) I dunno for sure if that is the reason for it working, but I moved a copy of the "RT2870USBWirelessDriver.Kext" into "System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Cotents/Plugins" I rebooted, and Bam! works flawlessly, no drops, no turning off... SO if yours uses the same chipset give that a shot....Mine works without a hitch, even when I wake up from sleep.... SYSTEM SPECS = DELL GX620, Pentium D930..3.19 Ghz (despite what DELL says the GX620 will handle the Pentium D900 series, I updated to the latest bios A11, try at your own risk, mine stays cool)..4gig of ram, Dual DVI Geforce 8600 gt...3 sata HD's 500, 500, and 320 (got rid of the Floppy drive to make room)..Dual Layer Burner with Lightscribe...Dual acer 21" monitors...Snow Leopard 10.6.2, Win 7 Ultimate 32bit, Win Xp SP3 via VMware...