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    [Help]OSX with Eeepc 1000(SSD)?

    Hi all, I am a light OSX86 user since 2010, I got my HP 311 and installed SL on it by following forum threads and it's running well till now. Last week my friend asked me to convert his Eeepc 1000(SSD) to OSX and I am now a bit stuck on it. I first running with chameleon bootloader CD then using retail SL DVD resulted in kernel panic while loading, then I extract the img into a thumb drive from my hackintosh and patch it with netbookbootmaker 0.8.4 RC1. Boot with this thumb drive I can finally see the installation screen but it takes forever to the last 10mins of installation(I leave the machine running overnight and still staying there). The installation on that MLC 32G SSD just amazingly slow..... Anyway I turn it off and restart it with my thumb drive and it boots into SL(still mega slow, installation file in drive and coldn't be removed), I tried to run the netbookinstaller to patch those kexts and seems not working. I checked the EFI partition I made and there's nothing there so I still need my thumb drive to boot into SL desktop. I search the web and seems this is a very old machine so not much info I can find there and their method(by thumb drive)is not working for me. I also failed to find the mod BIOS some method mentioned is a must..... So far all the info I can get saying Eeepc 900 is similar to 1000 and the OSX install is pretty much the same but not in my case. What should I do now? Went back to iDeneb 10.5 leopard and try my luck? Many thanks. David