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  1. hi everyone, i recently installed osx86 evertything aproximately works allright, exept for two things the first, my graphic card (Radeon 9200 SE Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)) is not recognized so i cant change resolutions...stuck with some small {censored}. lol anyways i tried all those drivers ive found on this forum in a desperate measure ...but nowhere to be found one working. everytime it fu**ed up my install and had to wipe and reinstall. if anyone has that same card and found a solution im willing to try and the second problem is that no pci hardware is found in system profiler but they work perfectly...an example, i have a wireless adaptor WMP54G and i installed the drivers i found and it works like a charm...but even with the drivers nothing appear in system profiler...ive seen this kind of problem occuring manytimes in this forum, so if anyone found a solution... thanks in advance
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    [How To] Solutions for Video Problems

    same here when i installed it it was fine, told me to reboot, so i did, at startup (darwin bootscreen) there was a line with my video card listed "ATI Radeon 9200"..starts loading..then just hangs...is there anyway to undo this without having to reinstall ?? any help is appreciated. thanks