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  1. iMac G5 Power Supply Question

    Yeah, the 24VDC line looks to be for the display (backlighting). I have a 1.8GHz board from a 17" imacG5 I'd like to use with an ATX PS I have sitting around. The only "issue" I see is trying to get the internal optical drive working; it uses a laptop style connector for the optical drive (same connector that is in other laptops and on the back of the optical drive unit itself). Too bad they didn't use SATA for that connection.... I'm looking to mount this in a Cherry wood case. -Chris
  2. iMac G5 Power Supply Question

    Look at www.xlr8yourmac.com. There is a pinout of the iMac G5 17" rev a power supply there. The easiest way to do the conversion would be using an ATX extension cable (24 pin) and hacking off the last row of pins. Then you would just need to rearrange the wiring between the PS and the Mac (using the extension cable keeps you from hacking apart your ATX PS in case you ever want to use it some where else). HTH, -Chris Noyes