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  1. VMware SVGA II display driver for OS X, v1.2.5

    The updated version works great! Not quite as speedy as vmsvga2 on 10.8 but much better than not having it at all. UPDATE: OK, I found an issue. I took a snapshot before and after install, so I was able to switch back and forth for testing. One issue I found is that after install, iTunes in the VM stops working properly: a lot of the buttons just depress but nothing happens. This only seems to effect iTunes, which is weird. Reverting to the pre-install snapshot and iTunes works ok.
  2. VMware SVGA II display driver for OS X, v1.2.5

    FYI: I'm running 10.9 DP 8 stock with just the vmtools from the v1.2.0 unlock. I didn't install guestd_patches or anything else. (I had snapshotted and installed to svga 1.25 10.9 drivers just to see but have reverted back) Thanks for looking into this. It's amazing how the svga drivers speed up UI responsiveness.
  3. VMware SVGA II display driver for OS X, v1.2.5

    So, with this, we still can't get dynamic sizing, right? Or did I screw up something? (Likely!) I really like the ability to resize the guest window and have it auto-adjust.
  4. VMware Unlocker for OS X

    I'm very interested. Thanks for letting us know!