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  1. @ssprod what all edits have you compiled with your dsdt? i have a friend whos card wouldnt work properly until he compiled the correct dsdt and ssdt. What youre describing is something ive only really seen from either the card overheating or the card not getting enough power.
  2. I have or "had" rather a complete install of osx Yosemite 10.9.5. on a HP Z800. I say "had" because for some reason I'm getting the black screen with mouse cursor unless I use the "nv_disable=1" flag. in which then I pretty much have no graphics acceleration. I installed pretty much using the basic method (base system dmg then copy the package files and install Enoch bootloader) with only using "kext-dev-mode=1 and UseKernelCache=No, GraphicsEnabler=Yes". also deleted "AppleHPET.KEXT". everything went fine first boot, had full resolution and everything work OOB except for the audio in which I just installed voodoohda. bam sound working. I reboot because I installed a program that required and now no more desktop. I also forgot to add I also used the 4 kext listed in this thread to get the installer to see my hard drives using SATA instead of SAS. I used SAS once also for an install and I just rolled back to the Fusion kext from 10.9.1. I have no idea what made it stop working. I have a complete dsdt compiled with no warnings or errors, I have the ssdt, and also using the mac pro 4,1 smbios. dsdt compiles without any errors. ill attach the dsdt I'm using in case it may be useful. And if necessary I can give info on the DSDT edits. I used no patches at all. SPECS: 2X Xeon e5520 (8 physical cores 16 logical) 8 gigs FB ECC ram 2nd revision motherboard with 3.57 bios 4 hard drives via SATA no RAID with their own OS (using OSX hard drive as bootloader) Dlink DWA-556 extreme wifi card NVidia Quadro fx1800 graphics card with LG ultrawide LCD as monitor (29um57)