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  1. I'm running mavericks on l502x i7 and boot with clover or chameleon is ok. But get artifact after high CPU usage (about 15-20%). When i logout an login, system is running normal and not have artifact. But get artifact again when CPU usage around 15%. Can anyone help me. Plz! Edit: I fixed freezes and artifact after i change fakesmc kext from kozlek and install patch intelCPUpowermanagement kext from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Speedstep work perfect. One solved with USB, system run slow and lag if i plugin any usb slot. I eject all usb slot. My system is working correctly.
  2. Sorry @ ben for late. Now I boot ok. but graphic Intel HD 3000 problem (view photo). My laptop is L502x, Core i7 2670QM, Intel HD 3000(id:8086, Resolution 1366x768) and gt540m optimus, 8G RAM. used A12 bios Dell and Moded bios A12. I have got problem from Lion 10.7.1 --> ML 10.8.2. I can't fix it. Can you(or anyone) help me ?Please!!!
  3. Hi @ben and everybody Today, I installed Iatkos.ML2 and everything ok. best Graphic with no problem. But i can't boot with with flag "UseKernelCach=Yes". can you help me? please. Thank you!
  4. Hi @ben. Have you any problem with Graphic card ? artifact,...
  5. Thank Doix very much for Lx02X v1.1 intaller.i have a Dell xps L502x work with MAC OSX lion. But my Intel HD3000 graphics work bad. It work with QE/CI and often freezes, artifact after i use software effect (iphoto's slide show, photoshop...) or watch movie. i have been found on more web (tonyMacx86,insanelymac,revogirl,macbreaker....) and tried all. I can't fix. Sorry for my bad English. Can you help me? please!
  6. Hi DoiX. please help me fix problem: Super IODevice: [Warning] found unsupported ship ID=0x8518.
  7. work fine for me after install Lx02X-Lion V1.1 Thank DoiX. * now i'm running 10.7.1 and not update 10.7.4 because i have one problem with intel HD3000 graphic(slow and freezes in 10.7.4 and i don't know why). help me please!
  8. Please help ! HD3000 problem ....... Dell xps l502x Intel core i7 2670QM 2.2Ghz chipset intel HM67 RAM : 8G Graphics: Intel HD 3000 (ID:0116) & geforce GT 540m Audio: ALC 665 Boot with Chimera last. SMBIOS: MACBOOKPRO 8.1 ...... I'm clean install Iatkos L1 and update -> 10.7.2 / 10.7.3 / 10.7.4 successful (used Doix L502x Installer V7 pack). But HD3000 only work good (full QE/CI) with 10.7.1. HD3000 work (full QE/CI) with (10.7.2--> 10.7.4), but very slow and freezes (but the mouse can move). * Tried with all kext of Intel HD 3000. Please help me, thanks.