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  1. I need 3 OS's to choose from: OSX, Win7 64bit, WinXP 32bit. I want to have each on a separate SSD. I like the idea of 3 hard drives instead of partitions because of the aspect of control. But I don't hear of people doing this so I'm worried there's a good reason for that. I thought of installing a power switch on the power cable of each to control if they are powered up. That will be my way of selecting what OS I want. All my data will reside on a separate Sata hard drive. I'm worried that I won't be able to access all my data at times though. Now I use Win7 and XP and there seem to be conflicts at times: Sometimes some areas are not accessible. Not sure why. I need to understand this of course before going forward. Because of virus/malware risks in downloading, I thought it best to use OS X for viewing downloaded content. For old applications and hardware that aren't Mac compatible I'll need Win XP 32bit. For newer apps/hardware that aren't Mac compatible Win7 64bit should be ideal. I have no knowledge on bootloaders or whatever tells the system what to boot. I'd like to have whatever controls that on my separate Sata data drive of course. Or could I put that on all 3 hard drives? Maybe I should just run 2 systems with a video switch: 1 for OS X and another for WinXP and Win7! Opinions? Surely these issues arise in many people's systems.