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  1. First of all, we don't have sweat shop workers churning out hundreds of cases at minimum wage. Each case order is treated as a custom job, and we do the work ourselves. You've also left out cost of COMPLETE REMOVAL of all adhesive (it needs to effing spotless to reanodize), media blasting, refinishing, supplies, utilities, lease of facilities, gasoline for delivery and pickup. Add up all of those things you DIDN'T have to do with your case, convert that number from GBP to USD (very important), and then come back to us with what your real costs would be if you ran this business yourself.
  2. Have you ever completely disassembled a G5 case, and removed every ounce of ferrous metal, plastic, and adhesive material from it in preparation for reanodizing? If you really think it's that easy, I'll make you my supplier and knock off a couple hundy from the price so everybody here can benefit.
  3. The PayPal system has been resolved. We are now accepting orders for cases (link). We are starting off by offering mod-ready cases rather than pre-modded cases. We will be adding pre-modded cases shortly. Please continue ordering cables via PM through AlohaCab's profile.