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  1. Mouse cursor glitch at X1300

    That's it, I will give up from this, I have no nerves nor time to mess around with all this installations. Until I find some more time I'll live with this... Thank you for help anyway!
  2. Mouse cursor glitch at X1300

    So, iDeneb doesn't boot, -v shows just black screen, a.k.a. nothing...
  3. Mouse cursor glitch at X1300

    Again, same thing while installing update from Apple's website as I thought it will happen. Using terminal I've made backup of files you told me to backup, but when started installation soon it gave me same error. At boot first line said 'unsupported cpu..' so yeah, seem like kernel is overwritten already and I wasn't able to copy my backup back to root of partition. Gonna download iDeneb now and try with it, wish me luck
  4. Mouse cursor glitch at X1300

    Huh, this is what happen now: From Leopard opened Software Update, it found update to 10.5.8, I've started installation and after few minutes at about 20% it shown me message "You need to restart your computer...", of course I restarted it and on boot it got 'kernel panic' and shown same that message over the Apple logo as you can see on the photo below. What now?
  5. Mouse cursor glitch at X1300

    Gonna check it later, I'm on Windows7 at the moment, thank you! No problem, and thanks for info
  6. Hey guys, I've installed Kalyway 10.5.2, everything works fine without any patches and whatever, but one thing kills me here. Mouse cursor always leave some strange kind of texture or how to call it, don't know, if something is happening below it (progress bar for example), or when I move windows... Using Radeon X1300 GPU, what could help me to fix this glitch?