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  1. Hey styrian! Been a bit busy lately, so haven't had a chance to post this up. I didn't actually try Lnx2Mac's driver, but initial tests confirm that the official Realtek one works. I've pm'd you the unmodified DSDT and the exported IORegistry info. These were generated with the realtek ethernet driver installed too and OSX booted up with the DSDT I created. If you need something else, just let me know
  2. Yes, I have checked that the folder tree is correct. Removing the AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext successfully brings a display back to the machine. I can proceed through the ML setup and install the postinstall kexts. However, after applying your new DSDT, ML can no longer detect my battery – says no battery installed whereas before the DSDT, system profiler could pull up a heap of info about my battery. Audio works! Yay! Perhaps you could outline how you created that DSDT and I could try the same with the DSDT I extract from my machine? I haven’t attempted to install Lnx2Mac’s Realtek driver; I don’t think RTL8167 is supported, but I’m not too bothered by that for now. If everything else works, I may just invest in a supported wifi card.
  3. For the USB, I followed the link in your guide (rockinron_1) up to and including step 2.B.8 and then continued your guide. The bootloader is Chameleon. With the BIOS set with the first boot display as either Digital or Analog (VGA), the BIOS, bootloader and verbose boot will appear on the external monitor. After the last line in the verbose boot, it would be stuck with the text - built in display is blank. (I assume it chooses the built in display as the primary one by default - windows does something similar with this setting too) The same error is still present in the verbose boot log? (is that what it's called?) as before. I've seen tutorials for this issue and they involve a DSDT edit; however the last time I tried to make my own DSDT, i just got a kernal panic during boot. :/
  4. I have tried what you have suggested and no success. I get the same errors which results in a blank screen. If i plug in a monitor, the laptop display turns a grey colour while there is no signal to the external monitor (HDMI).
  5. I have tried your suggestion in to disable “EthernetBuiltin”. After doing so, I still get the same result. During the installation, ~20 min in I think the installer attempts to dim/turn off the display/screensaver; however what really happens is a white screen with a small grey box in the middle. If I press any button on my keyboard the screen returns to the installation progress screen (the installation will still continue in the background even with the white screen). This seems to suggest a graphics issue. Up to step 10, when booting into the ML partition with boot flags -v -f, I get Transcript Offline - Buffer Pool Allocate [181000] failed [AGPN Controller] unknownPlatform which results in a blank screen. My Hardware as follows: (Lenovo ThinkPad E520) CPU: Core i7-2620M Chipset: HM65 Ethernet: “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller” (RTL8167) Wireless: “2x2 11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN PCI Express Half Mini Card Adapter” (Broadcom) Audio: Conexant 20671 SmartAudio HD Graphics: Intel HD3000 + AMD HD6630M (HD6630M was disabled in BIOS prior to commencing the installation) Screen: 1366x768 Despite the E520 having a UEFI BIOS, it refuses to boot a GPT formatted disk, so I have created the installer on a MBR formatted disk. I have attempted the installation on both a GUID and MBR (with patch) HDD.