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  1. Hi all, Same issue: There is various solutions here, but I am a noob to this. What actually works? could we have a step by step guide? Im guessing first few steps: 1> Boot from installation media. 2> Instead of clicking continue setup, choose system > Terminal 3> type something in terminal...... I have no idea what it would be, or what files i need. Im guessing this step by step simplified guide for the no keyboard issue, could stop any future posts? Many Thanks for anyone who still has any patience left and is able to do this. Im sure your all fed up of hearing this over and over. for those unsure, this is how to get to terminal with your installation media: all we need now is confirmation what to do from here
  2. My Card: 06:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4727] (rev 01) Info Grabed from Terminal in Ubuntu. How much will it cost me, for someone to come up with a kext to make this work? Seems there are quite a large number of people on here and other forums looking for the same thing.
  3. z370

    nvidia 410m series/525series?

    Hi Radi king, I have the Lenovo Z370 (i5 Version) It has the Intel 3000HD Graphics and is switchable to Nvidia 410M however, I have not managed to get the 410M side working yet. It is ok on dual boot, as I use Windows for gaming, where I can use the 410M and the 3000HD was ready to go straight out of the box so to speak. Hope this helps. I only found your thread as I was looking for a way to get the 410M to work. But I believe the Optimus switchable graphics is only supported by Windows 7.
  4. z370

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi all, My Names Ryan, Im new to the forums and am in the UK. I had an old core 2 Duo Mac which sadly died, and have decided to use my snow leopard disk, and a spare Hard disk I had laying around to install OSX on my Windows based laptop. Funny thing is, it worked straight from the off. However there is a couple of minor issues I need to attend to before wiping my SSD and loading OSX onto it. I will post in relevent forums in due course.