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  1. Dell XPS 15 (L502X)

    It appears to me that this thread has died... but if the previous contributors are still following, I'd like to ask if any further progress was made. I'm going to check out the blog wen1 posted to see what I might need to be doing, but I'm not going to attempt hackintoshing my L502x unless I'm sure it will be mostly functional under OS X. I have most of what you suggested (SL retail disc, ######) and enough smarts to figure out what I don't already know how to do, but the thread here kinda ends unresolved. Did native resolution ever get fixed? Was sound ever unbroken? What's going on? If the community I saw on this thread moved or a solid guide to hackintoshing an L#02x popped up, where might I locate those things? Come on, help me out here. There's too many broken threads like this already.