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  1. 打开AIDA,报你的DSDT表中的所有SSDT,然后打包压缩发上来。
  2. Sierra MBR Patch

    Think you. I want you Clover.
  3. Clover flying editor

    Think You!
  4. Version


    Works under Mac OS X for 10.10.DP7 Clover r2697. (kext-dev-mode=1) Chameleon r2391. (-v -f kext-dev-mode=1) 1. Restore BaseSystem.dmg to HFS partition. 2. Copy InstallESD.dmg/BaseSystem.dmg to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/ 3. Copy InstallESD.dmg/BaseSystem.chunklist to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/ 4. Remove (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/System/Installation/Packages 5. Copy InstallESD.dmg/Packages to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/System/Installation/Packages 6. OSInstall.mpkg replace to /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg OSInstaller replace to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/OSInstaller.framework/Versions/A/OSInstaller 7. Copy InstallESD.dmg/Packages/Essentials.pkg/System/Library/Kernels/kernel to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/mach_kernel or (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/System/Library/Kernels/kernel (use Pacifist v3.2.14, used for Chameleon only, not need for Clover) 8. Boot to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg to install Mac OS X. OSInstaller patch method credits to 落下爱@pcbeta http://bbs.pcbeta.com/viewthread-1517340-1-1.html
  5. Thanks, works great in SL.
  6. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Essentials.pkg /System/Library/Kernels
  7. Mavericks Haswell

    Please Pather board bios ROM http://pan.baidu.com/s/1tfbjq
  8. AppleHDA for ALC269VB (10.9 GM + ML 10.8.4)

    my netbook Asus A43SV AppleHDA.kext work,but mic No work
  9. Mavericks MBR patch

    I install DP4 Error