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  1. Installing Leopard on External Drive?

    Thats awesome! Thanks, I'm off on my merry way to give it a go
  2. Installing Leopard on External Drive?

  3. So for the longest time I dual booted Vista and Tiger by putting Tiger on my external hard drive. I downloaded the Brazilmac image, burned it, and then installed it onto the external hard drive after wiping off Tiger. Installation went great. But when I followed the steps to Post Patch it, I found out that the patch is designed to work only if Leopard is the only thing installed on the computer (otherwise the patch doesn't know what to patch correctly). Has anyone figured out a way to pull this off? Is there any changes I can make to patch in order to get it to work? Or should I just wait for a different installation DVD for Leopard to be put out?
  4. I don't know why it wouldn't work, but I just don't know the extent to which it will work. I have OS X installed on a Vostro 1500. Granted, I did have to download a 10.4.10 Koolkal upgrade to make it boot up right. Also, everything is not working right still. I had to swap out the wireless card (to a Dell 1490 which works great - got it on eBay for $10). Also, I am waiting on a kext for the GeForce 8600 (and you will need to wait for the same kext from a guy name Diabolik on this forum site) to get all the graphics working properly. Let me know how things go for you ~Nickk
  5. Okay, so an update on where I stand with this Vostro 1500 and OS X: I did reinstall in on a portable hard and it is now booting up fine each and every time (so far). I got it working by installing 10.4.8 from JaS and then I downloaded a 10.4.10 update from a torrent with Koolkal in the title. Now, I do keep going back to the DiaboliK's page looking for the NATIT 8x00, but it has been removed at the moment because it wasn't working right for those who did install it on their systems. I am hoping that he will finish the driver soon, so until then, I am stuck with the graphics as they are. Now, in other news, I still need to patch the audio, but I just haven't got around to it. Also, I had to remove my 3450 wireless card that came with it and install a Dell 1490 wireless card I got from eBay for like $10. There was a little bit of code editing I had to do, but I found it in this forum site. Internet works fine now. I'll keep you guys posted
  6. Okay, nevermind, I'm giving up for now on the OS X side of things for my Vostro 1500. Everytime I boot into it, it takes about 5 times for it to actually boot into it. The first couple of times it always gives me the Apple error telling me to reboot my machine. Its not worth it to me at the moment. I'll wait for Leopard to come out and someone to hackintosh it. ~Nickk
  7. I got my Vostro 1500 today. For those wondering, I have the 8600M graphics card (same as the Macbook Pro). I did manage to install OS X 10.4.8 onto my portable hard drive (same way I did it on my Dell Inspiron 6400). The probably I had, was that the first 4 times I tried to run OS X after it was installed, it told me to reboot, but I had the Apple logo in the background. Finally, on the 5th time, it booted and started right up. Everything looked GREAT! Comparing it to my Dell 6400, the resolution looked great, even though it said that it was only a 1024x768. This did not look that way at all. So now, I am going to spend some time trying to find the right files to make the QE work. The other thing is that according to "About this Mac" both cores are working great and it wasn't choppy at all. I had this problem on the Inspiron 6400. Lets see, what else. Oh, the 3945 wireless card of course didn't work, but I have the 1390 from Dell left over from my Inspiron 6400 which should work just fine. The other cool thing about the Vostro 1500 is that there is a panel on the back that looks just like the RAM panel and you can take out one screw and have access to the wireless card. No more have to take the keyboard off like in the 6400. I haven't had too much time to play around with the OS X side of things yet, but I'll try to remember to write more if I figure anything out. By the way, I did install Vista on in and have noticed HUGE differences. My Vista system rating went from a 3.7 to a 4.6. This is mainly because my graphics card on the Inspiron 6400 was a ATI X1400 and this 8600M is awesome. Well worth it if you ask me. Plus, it looks heaps better in all black. And you have the option to turn on or off the wireless card with the flip of toggle. Nice. ~Nickk
  8. Mobilty X1400 resolution can't seem to be forced

    Sorry man, as far as I know, it hasn't been cracked yet. I have a Dell 6400 and have the same problem. I still check back here in the forums every couple of weeks to see if anything has been discovered.