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    Atheros AR5007 on Compaq

    F**ck, I think I'll buy an TP-Link Card in $12 Or I'll try it untill then. Thank you very much for helping. I'll update you IF I have any problem if thats okay
  2. Aviv258958

    Atheros AR5007 on Compaq

    Umm, Okay I just downloaded it and Installed. It gave me "lspci: Cannot find any working access method." So I booted up to 32 bit mode. It fixed it. This is My Atheros Details: Thanks For Helping again,
  3. Aviv258958

    Atheros AR5007 on Compaq

    Umm, Thanks for Answering me. I really thought no one will help me Here is a screen shot of the Program with the Atheros Card Selected: Thanks for helping, Can We do something with this? can this be fixed?
  4. Aviv258958

    Atheros AR5007 on Compaq

    Hello Dear Friends, This is my first post. But I'm not new, I have a Laptop (Compaq Presario CQ61) with the Following Specifications (http://h10010.www1.h...8492.html?dnr=1). I've been trying to find a Driver / Kext that matches my Computer for months, When I didn't found (last year) I finally gave up and Uninstalled Mac From my Laptop, This time I decided to Install it again and See if there Any updates on the Subjects, Unfortunately I didn't find Anything. I did found "AR5007.pkg" "AirportAtheros.kext" "IO80211Family.kext", But these Never worked. Now I installed those and I see theres a Wifi Icon says "Wifi: No hardwere detected", No Airport, Nothing. I tried finding Wifi with KisMac, Didn't find any, I've been researching this for Too Long alone, So I thought maybe here I'll get my help and I won't need to retire from Mac again, I just love mac Please Help me? As I said Above, these are My Computer Details - http://h10010.www1.h...8492.html?dnr=1 P.S: I got iATKOS L2, 10.7.2. Runing PdaNet with My iPhone provides me Internet for this time.. - Thanks for Reading, Aviv Amar.