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  1. stickpin

    Dell Latitude E6420

    I'm working to getting my Dell Latitude E6420 to run as native MacBookPro8,3. Hardware configuration: CPU: Intel i7-2720QM 2.20GHz Chipset: Intel QM67 Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz GFX: Intel 3000HD (DISABLED) + NVidia NVS 4200M 512MB (NVidia Optimus Disabled) Audio: IDT Audio Progress done so far: SSDT - Native power management works without NullCPU.kext, SpeedStepper still needed. DSDT: - Base line fixes done by MaLd0n. - NVidia NVS 4200M 512MB injected by DSDT. - Removed Intel 3000HD. - Removed LPT ports. - Devices renamed to Mac style DSDT. - Shutdown fixed. - VGA out and HDMI works. Need to fix: - Sleep. - Native Battery indicator. - Clean ups. I'll post DSDT and SSDT when it's ready.
  2. can u plz help me out..

    i want to intall mac os x but i cant get any help since 2 months..

    plzzzzz dude send me a PM

  3. I do DSDT injection, so i dont need pciroot thing. From what i know pciroot needed only if you use efistrings... and enabler uses efistring as well... Ill post sources later with more details about changes i made.
  4. Updated to 1.2! Check the first post. You'll need to replace your Chameleon boot file to make all stuff working! Becareful system-id will cause you some small settings reapply, like additional languages, etc... Enjoy!
  5. Yes you are right about shutdown, i removed it from "already working" list. About your audio problem check my legacy kext in the first post, maybe ill will give you a direction, be sure that you are using 888 as LayoutID in DSDT for my kext. p.s. Im too busy with the "real life", ill work on this DSDT this weekend. Sorry if it take a time until my responds.
  6. You can check MacPro3,1 and MacPro4,1 IOReg... youll see that all sata drives got HotPlug turned off... as i said before, it should be per sata port config.
  7. Use new IASL This exactly what im trying to fix by removing Hot Plug flag from it.
  8. I added my kext's to first post, so you can compate to mine. No there's no bonjour support, i need to find some real mac with Realtek LAN to get more info/dumps from there. Yes for now. See first post. I dont have any bluray to test it, so hard to say if i have lags or not. You can't, there's no real mac with ICH9, so the closest chip to ICH9 its ICH10, not because of number, but as i saw in intel doc's its almost the same at SATA. Ill post my second rig DSDT later, its ICH9 based.
  9. This SATA code is workaround, you turn your natively detected ICH10 SATA to ESB2, and ESB2 (ICH6) as faw as i know doesn't support Hot Plug at all, that why you icons is Internal one. What im trying to do is to turn off Hot Plug on natively detected ICH10.
  10. I did another few tweak to HDEF posted yesterday by THE KiNG, ill post updates DSDT later today. Working now on understanding of SATA "Orange Icon" problem, to get rid of another legacy kext. Looks like somehow need to remove Hot Plug flag on PR device and it will fix the problem. If someone know and did some research, please let me know.
  11. stickpin


    Works great on GA-EP45-UD3LR! Thanks alot Master Chief!
  12. I did port of great DSDT research that Master Chief did for Asus P5K PRO to Gigabyte's motherboard's. This DSDT for my GA-EP45-UD3LR (ICH10R) only a template for things that possible to do with your DSDT. Still work in progress, but this is what i done so far: All devices renamed to MacPro3,1 style. Removed unused devices. (Floppy, Com, LPT, IDE (JMicron), etc...) USB fixed. SATA fixed. Sleep fixed. Shutdown fixed. Restart fixed. Native Speed Stepping (DSDT based on my Q9550). GFX injection. NEW HDEF (Sound) Injection. Thanks alot to THE KiNG! New Mac only devices added. (SBUS, EC, etc...) Restart works with OSXRestart.kext by Master Chief. (Not necessary anymore) WARNING: Pay attention: IDE is removed! CPU's PSS values and GFX injection. You CAN'T use it AS IS! Thanks alot to Master Chief to GREAT research! Enjoy! Version 1.0: DSDT_GA_EP45_UD3LR_V1.0.zip Change log 1.0 to 1.1: New HDEF injection method. Thanks alot to THE KiNG! Version 1.1: DSDT_GA_EP45_UD3LR_V1.1.zip Kext's used for 1.1: OSXRestart.kext (No OpenHaltRestart.kext needed) FakeSMC.kext 2.5 by Netkas GigabyteEP45_UD3LR.kext.zip Merged Legacy (plist only) kext (AHCI Fix + ALC888) Change log 1.1 to 1.2: DSDT Cleanup Final fixes Optimizations Version 1.2: DSDT_GA_EP45_UD3LR_V1.2.zip Kext's used for 1.2: FakeSMC.kext 2.5 by Netkas GigabyteEP45_UD3LR.kext.zip Merged Legacy (plist only) kext (AHCI Fix + ALC888) ChameleonRC4_by_stickpin.zip (system-id fix to fix error 35, FADT patch on the fly to fix restart error [no RestartFix=Yes needed])
  13. stickpin

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    Status report to DSDT that i posted previously: Stuff that already made and works: - Fixed Device Tree (IOReg) - MacPro3,1 like style. - Removed unused devices. - USB Fix. - SATA Fix. - Sleep Fix (Yes Sleep works without any kexts). - Restart works with new OSXRestart.kext. - Native Speed Stepping (DSDT based on my Q9550) - New devices added like SBUS (Based on Master Chief) Stuff to fix: - Proper Shutdown. - Review and tweak (re-port) some values that native for ASUS boards only. - Clean up. Enjoy! p.s. Sorry for posting this DSDT in P5K thread.
  14. stickpin

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    Yes, you are right its work in progress, but most of the stuff do works. Some regions do need some small tweaking. Ill post report later.
  15. stickpin

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    Here we go, Gigabyte's DSDT based on your (Master Chief) DSDT research. My board is EP45-UD3LR (ICH10R). Should be useful for all Gigabyte boards, IMO. Size with GFX and HDEF only 94KB. dsdt.dsl.zip