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  1. Has anyone got a fix to get internal network card and DVD working in 10.6 Dell 1720 My guess is it has something to do with the IOATAFamily.kext I had to delete in order to boot after install. I was able to install Snow 10a432 Universal 3.5 from scratch (no USB stick or existing OSX). I dont expect there to be 64bit drivers yet. 32bit is fine. I am using the -arch=i386 -x32 boot flag with Chameleon RC3 on MBR partition trio boot with 2 other XP on the same drive. It looks like QE/CI isn't working either however I seem to be accessing DSDT to get full res and my card is recognised. Cheers
  2. Please send me your kexts for id 3150 I have zd8202ap with 10.5.5 and still no qi/ce bcslaam at gmail dot com or pm me
  3. Thanks sonotone Before you replied I tried removing NVinjectGo.kext and installing NVkush. It finally worked after I replaced the NVCAP string of NVkush with one I fished out of this thread earlier. I have downloaded your package and will try it if nvkush plays up. I'm a happy chappy now. I have 10.5.3 plus 3 XP installs all running with "Masterbooter" as bootmanager. No other bootmanager could do this with AHCI enabled. Dell Inspiron 1720
  4. My GA P35C DS3R can only boot using "update -v" upon F8. If I let it boot without it I get a KP This is after installing Kalyway 10.5.3 update on a iatkos2.0i install. The 10.5.2 was running fine Any help please
  5. I managed to update to 10.5.3 with nub kernel on my inspiron 1720 with 8600M GT, AHCI enabled, MBR but I cant get Quartz extreme enabled. I got it all working properly in 10.5.2 and copied the NVinjectGo.kext using kext helper. Then I tried all the various updates from NVinject and the sonotone script. Now it sees NVidia with 256mb but no QE
  6. Hi I have the SMB network working from mac to windows, MOL (midioverlan) is the newest Leopard version, the Daemos RealtekR1000 ethernet package for my 8169 chipset took a bit of jigging but as I said network is present and usable. The firewall is off. But logic just wont send midi out. Audiomidi set up see's MOL, Logic can even appear to reset the mol driver. However monitor shows no red lights when trying to output midi. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the new MOL uses UDP instead of TCP/IP. Is there a UDP kit or is there a kext to get udp working? Any other ideas. MOL was working fine with 10.4.10 Cheers
  7. Hi Has anyone got one of the 7 slot sbs/magma/avid/digidesign pci expansion systems to work with a hackintosh running OSX? I need to run my UAD and RME cards in one. I was going to search for one with the round cable so I can get a pcie host card. Any thoughts Cheers
  8. I have 2 RME PCI cards and a UAD-1 workin in my setup. See sig.
  9. Will ProAppUpdate hose my system?

    Thanks for the reply. Still a bit dubious as I've read of others who's systems were hosed. Anyway just recently installed 10.4.10 XXX xxx XXX comp with legit LP8. Works very well. Hoping I wont have to install proapp update. It might come up again soon tho.
  10. Logic Pro 7.2.3 Sync Problem

    Maybe Logic Pro 7.2.3 legit will only run on 10.4.8 until we have a working way of getting to 10.4.9 and above looks like we cant use the new Logic 8 which requires at least 10.4.9 I had the same midi audio sync error when I 1st intalled Jas 10.4.8 (2+3) then Jas 10.4.9 update. Tried the Bootlist edit, and everthing else... It works however when I only install Jas10.4.8 (2+3) and P35 motherboard patches plus diabolik1049 video. I've been running for the last month on my new system (see sig). Might be bold enough to try ProApp update since another has and succeeded. I'm receiving Logic Studio in 2 days but it probably wont run...unless there's something in v8 that corrects the sync error..or...unless we are lucky enough to find a Logic sync error specific patch (or kernel version) and 10.4.10 combo update for Audio users. Good to see 3rd party dsp on ethernet...finally. Hats off to Apples efforts. Can anyone who gets Logic studio v8 running on OSX86 please share their method? Cheers
  11. Will ProAppUpdate hose my system?

    Bump! Why no answer! Is it a dumb question? I did do a search. Please consider
  12. Hi Will the latest proappupdate hose my system? I 1st tried using logic pro 7.2.3 with 0s8610.4.9 update from Jas 10.4.8 but it kept giving me the midi to audio sync error on record or playback of my RME HDSP v1.7 Re-installing to just Jas 10.4.8 worked for me. But I am experiencing lots of midi choking and jitter when editing and playing simultaneously on arrange page. Something I used to take for granted. When I'm not moving anything around there is no prob. It seems to speak proapp optimisation, but I'm scared!! I've had many sleepless nights to finally get this working. What was it in the 10.4.9 update inclded with the Jas DVD that stuffed it? Cheers
  13. OSx86 installed on P35

    I'm a noob...sort of. New to the osx86 stuff anyway. Success!! After a long few days. 1. Uphuck 1.4r3 didnt work, Jas10.4.8 with 10.4.9 updates did work 2. only Sata drives would work as install drives 3. could only start the dvd install from external USB dvd drive 4. cloning OS to other drives or partitions using CCC and Hatchery ended in an unbootable os on the destination, could'nt work out how to write a darwin bootloader into the mbr even after trying the guide. Ended up just re-installing with proper mbr partition setup. Not game to change that now. 5. Video is buggy. Will intermittantly boot into wrong screen arrangement or res or no second screen. Is natit v.02 better than natit universal? 6. Took me AGES to work out how to get to p5kefix.sh folder. Eventually just did it after 10.4.8 was finished by plonking it in my usr folder and running a console from desktop. Dont know why I tried to do it from a -s console before install. Spent hours on that one, trying to mount USB drives and the like. 7. Sound doesnt come up as internal but is available to apps and system sounds. Haven't tested yet cause I use RME pro card which all work fine with LogicPro7.2.3. 8. How and do I need to run the ProAppUpdate and also how do I get to the latest quicktime 9. Only one ethernet works, seems the Marvell is still not working. 10. Jmicron ide work, usb and firewire work, Samba works, Retrospect Client works So really I just need to solve my video issues, Marvell and ProAppupdate questions. Also why is my cpu registering only 1.8ghz in system info? Is this really what it's running at? Thanks to all in this thead, hope I can contribute to the forum.
  14. Aah yes of course. Pity the multiplier is locked. I was looking at getting a e6600 with asus P5B-e cause I need 3 or more PCI (33mhz) slots. Seems the intel boards have only 2. I guess the e6600 is locked to. I'm hoping I can run Logic Pro 7.2 with my RME soundcard and 2xUAD-1 DSP cards. Does anyone know if this will be problematic? They all work currently on my Quicksilver. Will my USB dongle key work in osx86. Thanks for your help. Exciting stuff.
  15. Hi What I dont understand is why cant the FSB be higher. Does 266mhz give 533. But isn't there 800 and 1066 available? How do we acheive this? Cheers new member