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  1. Ummm ) Lunux. That's my post on OSX86 )) About GMA500. Obviously it didn't work. By the way dunno wtf is wrong with 3600 but there are no drivers either for linux ) So the only option is Win 7 )))
  2. Well I doubt that cuz 3600 is pretty much the same as other atom based GMA-s so it should work anyway.
  3. I think this is a dead end. GMA 3600 is simply not supported.
  4. Same We need to digg through DSDT IMHO
  5. ###### is a post install tool
  6. I tried removing almost all Graphic kexts including ati ones. Didn't help. Linux works. I've installed several distress. Like ubuntu, joli, gos etc. Sata is set to ACHI. Otherwise It won't even boot. PCIRootUID=0 Doesn't fix it also.. ))
  7. Thanks Can u please verify that I extracted my DSDT file correctly? Extract button does that right? : ))) Or maybe it's some sort of sample of that file? ) It's a Noobish question I know.
  8. Yes I have another mac but this time I used http://www.osx86.es/?p=883 this windows port to extract the DSDT file. Don't know why this tool isn't suggested anywhere else ) Heres my DSDT.aml https://skydrive.liv...BEF79630668!820 whats next? ) Can't really remember how to add this to boot.plist. and what do I have to patch exactly? P.S. Lunux - you can use this file too we have exactly the same config. So you won't have to bother of getting it next time. My skydrive will remain till the end of the time This goes to other MBA clone owners ) they're all same.
  9. Ok I'm really tired of this {censored}. I failed to install acpidump. Cuz my wifi drivers (witch I had to compile manually for linux) don't work under latest ubuntu. So I can't get any updates via apt-get. I'm really pissed. Not going to install older version of ubuntu. There should be other way of installing osx without DSDT!!!
  10. Thanks I'll try that and post it here. Downloading Ubuntu right now.
  11. Yap I've seen XPC Before, but I know nothing about DSDT patching etc. I don't even understand were can I get my original dsdt.aml file so I could modify it later. ))) Plus XPC is too hard to install and is a real pain in the @ss.
  12. Yap bios is pretty flexible. There's IDE/AHCI, Deep Standby, HPET, Intel HT Tech, XD, Fast Strings, machine check... very good C state config. Basically it's Phoenix SecureCore Tiano. But settings differ a lot from the ones that are mentioned in guides and tutorials. So I'm not really sure that my config is correct. All of the install attempts were made from bootable USB. I don't have any external combo drive. I'm using iPortable Snow since you suggested it 3 or 4 days ago. By the way when are u expecting your notebook to arrive? So we could work with this issue together.
  13. Same DSMOS error with force64 **Update** same single user with safe mode. Gives me the root prompt. I type exit to boot the system and then this: Waiting for DSMOS.... System ShutDown False Previous ShutDown caused 0 DSMOS Has Arrived.. I'm gonna blow up now ))) Pretty sure it's a GMA problem. maybe I should fill in the device properties string.. but I don't know how to do it ))
  14. Nope still no luck. Yeah maybe it's a gma 3600 problem. Cuz DSMOS Arrives just before it enters the GUI mode. Or maybe not... can't say for sure.