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  1. Lenovo B570

    Thanks!!! It works now I testet it with the battery from my dad (he have the same notbook) and you are right my battery is dying .. now I have a new one. the synaptics control in windows support three fingers ... Thx... now it is quite Thank you!!
  2. Lenovo B570

    Hi, my english is not the best, but I hope you can understand me Thank you for this tutorial (A noob like me can understand it ) But I have problems: 1. brightness control: If I press FN and rolldown button (I see the sun) but nothing happens I read this post: How can I edit the DSDT.aml? or can you upload it? 2. My battery is after 1 hour and 30 minutes at 5% (Firefox, Mail, iCal and Skype) is that "short" time normal? (with windows I have 3 hours) 3. How can I use three finger gesture (for example to open the mission control)? (two fingers to scroll works fine) 4. The FAN's are very loud. Is it posible to make them quieter? I hope anyone can help me