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  1. HP Compaq 6910p + OS X Lion 10.7.x

    I'm also new to this and I have the Intel GM965 model. Using iAtkos L2 runs through the install with Chameleon bootloader, SATA support, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, USBFix and from memory not much else(should have documented). On reboot the PC fails with an IOArrary KP. Next reboot with the safe boot, same issue. Reviewing my brief experience with 10.5.7 I tried the -v -x arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=No flags and the PC boots but with garbled screen. I plugged in the external monitor, rebooted close the laptop using the same flags the machine boots. AppleIntelE1000e.kext, AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext installed through Kext Wizard and the GraphicsEnabler=No option added to the Chameleon Boot Options. All worked, the internal display works at it's max. resolution, ethernet, USB. Cloned the HDD. Did the Software Update to 10.7.4 and apart from the Intel WiFi everything seems stable. Added: Installed USB wireless dongle, EDUP EP-N8811u, Everything now appears stable
  2. No video in Snow

    I am new to OSX & especially the installation on non Apple hardware so there maybe a lot of assumed knowledge that I don't have.I'm also aware that this is over a year old but would like to get QE/CI running on my M400(T2400 model). Followed the above, S3_V2 default + Graphics Enabler + EFI Strings. This resulted in a swirling rainbow wheel(cursor) + music, after the music just the spinning cursor. At this point assumed there was a driver issue and placed the "-x" in the boot to get successfully into the safe mode, reboot and same as the first boot exempt no music. Adjusted the installation to include the GM950 (27A2) with the same setup as above. This time coloured stripes across the screen and the music but this time trying a safe boot the PC locks. Third attempt was same as second but this time I boot directly to safe mode and then attempted a clean boot (which results the same as the first try) but at least this time I can reboot into safe mode. So the installation disk that I have has the following as default; iAtkos S3 Main System, AsereBLNv1.1.9, Extra Directory, Fakesmc, RTC, EVoReboot, VoodooRHD, Apple RHD 10.6.2. To this I add; GraphicsEnabler, EFI String, Voodoo PS/2, GMA 950 27A2, IntelGigabit. I gather that I have either missed something or put something in that I shouldn't of had. On other attemps at getting S3 running I have installed a GMA950 kext + an appleIntelFrameBuffer kext which gets resolution OK but no QE/CI. Any help much appreciated