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  1. Hey @PookyMacMan help me out on this one. whenever i get to the installation screen my mouse does not work and can i use i+boot instead of dual booting?
  2. Does this link of yours have the solution for the mouse?!
  3. Yes i have i have even tried using i+boot by TonyMacx86 i got through the disk formatting part i used macdisk to convert NTFS to HFS+ and got through this part in the installation... but while installing, the blue bar which shows completion stoped it the middle i found out i have to format my drive using the installation CD tht is why i need the mouse to work i tried the apple wired mouse, microsoft wirelees mous. btw the installation disk i used was Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 by LeoHazard. Help me out Thnx in advance THNX FOR REPLYING @IiTz ShAnE
  4. So... @IiTz ShAnE you are the expert so tell me... Whenever i boot into the installation disc and come to the installation screen my mouse does not work :'( PLEASE i have been trying to solve this problem for 6 months could not get help from anywhere Please HELP ME Thanks in ADVANCE!
  5. Thnx for replying @IiTz ShAnE i finally booted into Snow leopard but my problem is that it lags a lot!!!!! i am running VMware on WinXP 32bit on PentiumD with 1.5 GIG. RAM i would be very very thankful if you have a solution to my lagging problem Thanks in Advance!!!!
  6. Please help me out :'((((((( HELP!!!!!.bmp