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  1. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Okay thanks latinmcg. I just tried your suggestions, and have been trying to get it to work for hours now... I think im way out of my depth here and completely lost. Would you be able to insert the code for me? And yes my bios is F8. DSDT editor doesn't compile for me (and doesn't give me any errors), DSDTSE gives me errors saying there are invalid characters (but there are no characters on the line it refers to). If you could insert the code for me it would be greatly appreciated. I'd be able to see how it is supposed to be entered properly.
  2. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Sorry about the DSDT.aml I uploaded. I uploaded the DSDT.aml file from Library/Extras, rather than saving the extracted DSDT.aml from DSDT Explorer. Attached is the extracted DSDT. I do indeed have a pciexpress graphics card installed. I tried changing around the slot that the tp=link wifi card is in, and eventually managed to have it in now running in PEX2 (as per screen shot attached). im not sure what you mean by lspci -n. http://www.mediafire...c34009991r8cqbf
  3. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    No other suggestions on how I might be going wrong? Would it be possible for you to insert the code into the DSDT for me? It would be really appreciated... I'm banging my head against the wall here.
  4. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    So do I need to insert this code somewhere as well as the original code in PEG1? Update: I just changed the UID to zero... The error message still occurred. Update 2: I have tried every permutation of the above code in PCI0 and still get the error message. Now I'm really confused...
  5. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Attached is a zip with the original DSDT.aml and a screenshot of both the IOReg and System Information. http://www.mediafire.com/?w8q5wwn6q7y9xsv
  6. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    So exactly as per the fix but with one less bracket at the end? I tried this, and it still gave the me the same error message. PCIRootUID flag.
  7. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Okay i recovered the system. Code is still not working in peg1 though, it gives me the PCIRootUID flag. Any suggestions?
  8. How do I reinstall the original DSDT file?

    Thanks for the response. I originally had the DSDT.aml for my MB which I got from the Tonymac database in the /Extra folder. I hand edited the DSDT.aml, by inserting code with DSDT Editor in an attempt to get the wifi card working (as per instruction in the thread on it). I placed this new edited DSDT.aml into the Extras folder, replacing the original one, without making a backup of the original. I inserted the code wrong, which meant that the DSDT.aml wasn't allowing the system to boot. I have since worked this out, if I hadn't had done it my way, the way you suggest above would have been my next move. Thankfully I had Windows XP installed on another partition, so all I did was go into XP, use Macdrive to explore the partition that Lion is installed on, navigated to /Extras, and replaced the DSDT.aml with the original one from the Tonymac database. System is now recovered. What I still don't understand though, is why the DSDT=null function failed to boot into the system. If the problem truly was that the DSDT.aml that I edited was bad, surely this command would have ignored it. Maybe the system didn't want to boot using the BIOS's true DSDT that you refer to. Anyway, thanks heaps for the help, I'm learning things about this system one stressful day at a time .
  9. How do I reinstall the original DSDT file?

    Thanks I will try this now. Do you happen to know why the DSDT=Null command wouldn't be working? Given that this command should mean that the DSDT.aml in the /Extras folder is ignored, I'm puzzled as to why it doesn't allow me access to the system. Is it possible that changing the DSDT.aml as I did has also affected some other part of the system?
  10. How do I reinstall the original DSDT file?

    Is there seriously no way to boot using a DSDT on a USB? I've been searching this for hours... all I did was replace the DSDT.aml with one that doesn't work... there must be a way to replace that file with the DSDT.aml for the MB. It was working fine before!
  11. So I've spent the last couple of days trying to get a wifi card to work, which eventually required changing the DSDT. I had never done this before, so was feeling my way through the process. In short, I inserted new code for the wifi card into the PCI1 section of the DSDT and inserted the new DSDT into /Extras. I neglected to make a backup of the original DSDT (and wasn't aware that you can tell Chimaera to use a different DSDT through the DSDT=[name] command. Now when I boot into OSX (10.7.2), it says that pci0 isn't working, and to change to pci1 using the PCIRootUID flag. I've tried booting using the following commands: PCIRoot=1 PCIRoot=0 -x -s DSDT=null Nothing is working. I have arrived at the conclusion that I simply have to replace the DSDT.aml that exists in the /Extra folder, with the original DSDT for my motherboard. How would I go about doing this? I don't have a USB with Lion installed on it which I can boot from. I do have some SL system disks, if they would be of any use. I also have Windows XP installed, which works fine. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    I went ahead and copied this into the PEG1 root in the DSDT. I then saved the DSDT and copied it into /Extra. My computer now kernal panics at start up, saying something about PCIRootUID. What on earth is going on? Can someone please help.
  13. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Update: I searched ioregistry explorer for 168c. It's 'name' is 'pci168c,2b'. What do I do with this information? Okay, I also downloaded 'DSDT Editor', and extracted the DSDT. How do I know which root port the card is in? Update: IOregexp says that the card is in Root/MacPro3,1/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/PEG1@1,1/IOPCI2PCOBridge/pci168c,28@0 Does this mean that the root port is PEG1?
  14. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Okay, I have read this thread over the last few days, and still don't actually know how to do the dsdt fix. Do I need to download a program to edit the DSDT? I apologise for the probably naive questions, but I've never done something this complex before. I have not done the dsdt fix at all. All I have done is install the IO80211Family.kext.
  15. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Hello fellow hackintoshers. I've recently built a mac, which is running flawlessly on Lion (10.7.2). I thoroughly enjoyed building it, and appreciate all of the help that this website gave me. Recently I purchased the TL-WN781ND and physically installed it. It works great on Windows XP, but of course not on OS X. I installed a number of variants of the IO80211Family.kext, before coming across one which recognised the card. It shows up in System Information as below: Interfaces: en0: Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x30A1) Firmware Version: Atheros 9285: MAC Address: 90:f6:52:46:ce:ed Locale: Unknown Country Code: CN Supported PHY Modes: 802.11 b/g/n Supported Channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Wake On Wireless: Supported Status: Network Service Inactive However, when I try to connect to my home network (which the card finds), it immediately fails to connect. I really don't know where to go from here...? Is there another .kext that I need to install? Do I need to insert some sort of code into the DSDT, even though it's recognising the card? I've read about this for days and am at a definite road-block. If someone could offer some guidance it would be greatly appreciated! Shamus