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  1. I've tried to send a message to the author of the topic, but his inbox is full, so... Can anybody answer my question ? "hello i want to know if you can tell me if p5k premium mobo is actually full compatible with mac os x. I read some topics and i found some informations about mac os x running in p5k-e and p5k deluxe mobos, but i didn't found an expecific topic about the p5k premium drivers or problems in mac os x install. PS: I'm from Brazil, so sorry for bad (very bad) english. Thanks for attention."
  2. Bugs, I've tried everything, but nothing has changed about conexant no sound problem My laptop is a toshiba p105-6004, i've installed the p105-6024 bios (from this topic) and i've installed Kalyway 10.5.2 ISO, but still with no sound. I've tried to remove AppleHDA.kext and install AppleAzaliaAudio.kext but not worked for me PS: A strange thing happens when i'm trying to repair disk permissions. The bar stops about 20% and not go to the finish and i have to cancel. Any idea about the problems ? Sorry for my bad english
  3. geiman, i will download the leo4all v3 iso. thks for help
  4. geiman, but you can boot up in windows normally ? or just boot in mac osx ?
  5. here is my dump. Anyone here is using kalyway 10.5.2 Dvd version ? I've installed this version, but it don't boot, after the installer is completed, my system can't find any OS and boot up from DVD, and the Mac os boot up (from my hd ). if i set the windows partition to active, i can't boot in mac os x (i've tried to use chain0 tutorial, but with no results). when i installed tiger, i boot with darwin, but now it doesn't work. i've tried to install Chameleon, but when boots it says "boot0 error" any idea ? PS: My USB ports are working now (disable the USB keyboard and mouse emulation) PS: Sorry for my BAD english, i'm from Brazil Conexant.zip
  6. bugs, no results with any Azalia kext in th package. i've tried to boot with wireless on / off (intel 3945) but no results (jalavoui drivers with no effect) i've tried to install the new version of hacked bios, but still no sound. i've tried to install HDAEnabler kext but still no sound. and my USB ports never worked with Mac os. I think there is no hope to my laptop
  7. bugs, it didn't work for me my laptop model is p105-6004 with conexant 5047 sound card. i've installed the hacked bios with sucess, then i boot in leopard with no sound (jack and speakers), i've tried to remove AppleHDA kext such the instructions but still no sound. any sugestion ? PS: Sorry for the english, i'm from Brazil
  8. Your Greatest Photos

    Garopaba - SC - Brazil São Miguel das Missões - RS - Brazil
  9. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    somebody have some news about conexant audio ? i`ve tried to patch applehda with this patch but it says that the codec is not supported :glare:
  10. Intel Wireless driver

    hi, with the last version the mac os x doesn't boot. a message appears in the screen "waiting for root device", and t boot not going. sorry for the english
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    hi, i installed the last version of the iwi3945 driver, but the ethernet option didn't appears in the network adapters list. somebody can help me ? PS: sorry for the english PS: my pc is a toshiba p105, intel 945, core solo 1.6, 1gb ddr2 667, sata hd 100gb, intel 3945, 17" PS: i`m posting the system logs dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt
  12. No select destination to install to.

    i don't know if it happens only with me, but when i was in the disk selector, the program only format the future mac os partition if it is logical, after i wish to convert that partition to primary PS: sorry for the english
  13. Sound with Intel/ Conexant High Definition Audio?

    bugs, do you have news about Conexant Drivers for Mac os x ? i`ve a toshiba laptop (p105) i`m trying to find some driver, but ... PS: sorry for the english
  14. i'm with the same problem here i press enter for boot on mac os x and quickly press f8 to select boot on mac os x hd
  15. Intel Wireless driver

    i've tried to install the 3945ag package but it doesn't work i'm using a toshiba laptop with intel 945 chipset somebody can help me ? PS: sorry for the english