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  1. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    I bet you thats a great server. You using is a a file server or an intranet?
  2. CaptChadd

    Completely Baffled - Niresh12495's Lion Install

    You can get that graphics to work but injecting on EFI string for your card and then install the Quatro Nvidia drivers and Cuda.
  3. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    I am glad that new board is working well for you. What are you doing with that old board now? Turn it into a Linux server or desktop? Be a nice little PC that way.
  4. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    Reading up more about it, I dont think it is a case of injecting the kext directly into the DVD image but more finding a boot or modcd that will add the kexts that you need right before the install. The modcd should have added a kext for you but I guess maybe did not recognise your board. Maybe we should look at all the possible ways of installing a retail dvd as I know of three, modcd, eyeboot and I have used another one in the past.
  5. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    The kext can be installed in two places really. System/Library/Extensions and Extra/Extensions, they are normally installed in there. Keep me informed with the new board, will help if you have problems.
  6. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    It does seem strange that it would not install, as I have no Bios settings to change but it still worked. Did you check off the new motherboard to make sure it is compatible with OSX?
  7. CaptChadd

    10.6.8 Combo update

    Did IiTz ShAne's solution help you to boot? It really helps the community here if you can let us know how it went and put the thread as solved if your problem is fixed.
  8. CaptChadd

    PNY GT 430 1024MB Snow Leopard

    How did you try and get hardware acceleration to work? Did you inject a graphics card EFI string into your boot.plist?
  9. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    On your first post what are the words you were writing that are hashed out?
  10. CaptChadd

    Kernel Panic Booting Installation Disc

    I would second this. The distros's are often harder to sort problems with as they patch all kinds of things to try and get them more compatible with as many systems as possible. I would go with what rlf said and get hold of a retail Snow Leopard DVD and use the modcd with it. Thats what I did and I have an AMD machine.
  11. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    I dont know why this is not working. I really want to get you up and running.
  12. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    looks like someone else has been having a problem installing too and with your same motherboard. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263375 I am hoping that your board is going to be compatible to be a hackintosh. Would you be able to try and install it using the ModCD which you can download and burn. Use it to boot with, then change it to the retail dvd and try to install it. Thats what I used and I had no problems with it. http://www.osx86.net/view/2298-nawcom_modcd_0.3.2.html
  13. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    yeah that might work, it is at least worth a shot.
  14. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    Can you take you pc down to 2GB or 3GB just to test if it works, if it does then it is a problem with it being over 3GB, which I had a problem with at one point.
  15. CaptChadd

    No AHCI - screwed?

    lol, i just flipped my display with my nvida control panel to read it. How much memory have you got in the system?