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  1. Hi all. It has been a while since I booted up my OSX drive, but this evening I turned it on and installed the offered updates. Now the drive will no longer boot. It seems to Kernel Panic but does not stop long enough for me to read or capture the text; it just reboots. I have Transmac, so can access the HDD. Is there anything from it I can grab and provide here for some troubleshooting assistance, please? Thanks MB = Intel DH67BL CPU = i7 2600k GPU = ATi Radeon 5570HD
  2. poadb

    Screenshots of 10.10

    Very much "Ubuntu" indeed.
  3. poadb

    BlueEyed build [Still in progress]

    Nice build! What I would have done with the apple logo is make it into a stensil and reversed it. So the big blue circle becomes covered, but the apple symbol shines blue - like on the back of mac books. But that's me Still looks like a great build
  4. poadb

    Software Piracy

    Some software, you will only use once, or not very often at all. If you're a designer, photographer, illustrator etc, then yes - you should probably support the industry you're in and pay the full asking price. But if it's something like a tool you need for a small task, then using the trial version is adequate. However, when trials are restrictive, then that's when I go on the hunt for cracks or full versions to install. However, I do try to always go OpenSource where possible. I liked the comment earlier about pirating because you can't afford it - but I also feel pirating is also caused by things being over valued; such as Photoshop. Is it "really" worth $700?? And this then goes on for everything. Is an Album with 12 tracks but only 3 are any good really worth the asking price? Are any of Apple's devices "really" worth their asking price? If they were, would there be a purpose for Hackintosh's? It becomes a war against greed.
  5. Hi guys, Need your help please. As stated, I've updated and now have no audio output. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. poadb

    ATI Radeon HD5570 & Mountain Lion

    I used GE=Yes and AtiConfig=Eulemur Rebooted and had full screen and correct resolution. Fired up iDVD Player - and walla! It worked Nice and simple. Many thanks for your help!
  7. poadb

    ATI Radeon HD5570 & Mountain Lion

    Hi eep357, many thanks for your reply. My hackintosh with patched DSDT had GE=Yes by default. The screen res was fine, but it was pushed tot he right of my screen. So on the left side of my screen I had about a 2" gap. Even moving the image as far to the left as possible still resulted in a gap. Switching to GE=No gives me full screen at the correct resltuion, but iDVD crashes.
  8. poadb

    ATI Radeon HD5570 & Mountain Lion

    I hope this is done correctly. Please excuse my delay, I had boot issues and only today got around to resolving it. Please find attached darwindumper produced zip, and my Extras folder. Many thanks for your assistance so far. Extra.zip localhost_12.2.0_x86_64.zip
  9. poadb

    HD 5870 shows as 5000

    I must say, this was fascinating to follow Well done guys and exceptional work from eep357 - very impressive.
  10. poadb

    ATI Radeon HD5570 & Mountain Lion

    OK, so do you still want the Darwin Dumper results?
  11. poadb

    ATI Radeon HD5570 & Mountain Lion

  12. poadb

    ATI Radeon HD5570 & Mountain Lion

    DSDT and IOReg attached. Thanks mate. IOReg.zip Archive.zip
  13. poadb

    ATI Radeon HD5570 & Mountain Lion

    Thank you. I will do this when I get home and provide the information tonight.
  14. poadb

    A couple Radeon 5570 HD problems...

    Hi iFIRE, I have a thread here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285569-ati-radeon-hd5570-mountain-lion/ Can you help there and advise how I provide a "Ioreg" please? Many thanks.