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  1. I have just tried the videos in itunes and it wont play them either
  2. I was hoping to use it for video editing whihc inlcudes videos of my daughter filmed on iphones, combined with video taken from our HD camcorder, will give VLC a go although i wasn't 100% happy with it in windiws but that could have been because i just didn't like the ui..... I do ahve a MBP on order so might just keep it for video editing.
  3. I dont think the problem is safari related, although the embedded videos do not work in safari yet do in Firefox, the fact is that the ability to download (i.e save to hdd as opposed to play now in browser) the trailers does not work in either browser. Also .mov files will not play independent of any browser if they are set to run with Quciktime x, but if i set them to run with quicktime 7, then yes they play.
  4. Yeah, Quartz Extreme says yes (QE = Quartz Extreme, doh!) So far, it appears to be restricted to QuickTime X, embedded videos play ok in Firefox but not in safari. As stated above, mov files do not play in QuickTime X but will in 7. The movie trailers were used as an example more than a requirement, but if they aren't working then something else might not be working and my OCD will not let it go!!!!
  5. Ok, I was going on the basis that it was a valid test in Lion and therefore would still be the same in ML, i read this here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/wiki/index.php/QE/CI_Graphics_Acceleration I have run that app and there is a load of information but i dont see anything specific relating to QE/CI I also ran the DVD player without issues so have to assume that full acceleration is working, this is further reinforced by the fact that i downloaded eve online and it runs ok, admittedly not as well as through windows 7, but i was getting a respectable 300fps in station. The problem seems to currently be restricted to a combination of Safari and Quicktime X, not sure if it is a quirk of DP4 or whether i ahve perhaps missed something that is causing the issues.
  6. Did you try downloading? I am trying to determine if there is something in DP4 that is causing the problem or just something in my set up i need to change
  7. Actually, it would appear the prblem with video playback is even stranger than i first thought. I have now been able to play mov files by changing the preference to open them in Quicktime 7 rather than quicktime player 10. However, I still cannot watch trailers (as an example) or embedded videos on the apple.com site using safari. I have now installed Firefox and I am suddenly now able to watch all of the embedded vdeos on apple.com and even the movie trailers if I "watch now", however the option to download the trailers, does nto work, therefore i more inclined to believe the problem is software realted rather then a hardware setup/config issue as i perhaps originally thought. Example link: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/universal/despicableme2/ Can anyone try that site to see what, if anything, they can see when they click on the drop down and choose to download a copy of the trailer, irrespective of size?
  8. It would appear on this basis that I do not have QE/CI, however if i try to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No i just get a black screen. Outside of GraphicsEnabler, what is the best method to get tis working? Or is perhaps there something missing that is in fact at fault for this not working? Actually on further consideration, despite having GraphicsEnabler set to No, i do actually have QE/Ci enabled as i just had a very brief game of chess and the pieces moved ok and in launchpad holding down alt made the icons wiggle. After an install of Flash, youtube now works, however still unable to playing anything like mov files.
  9. I have just installed Mountain Lion DP4 and I am not getting any video playback. Ok, I will first admit that I am relatively new to both Macs and the fine art of the Hackintosh. However, I do think I have a relatively good grasp of how things should be done. It has taken me most of the day to get the right combination of tweeks in order to get ML installed but I cannot for the life of me figure out why i am not getting video playback. My systems spec is: P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 i7 2700k 16Gb 1600MHz RAM Asus GTX 680 Various HDD and SSD. 2x Asus VE248H 24" Monitors I have networking up running, my GFX card is recognised (unlike my Lion install for obvious reasons), all HDD and SSD are recognised, I have USB3.0 working. In fact about the only thing i have not yet sorted is Audio. Is there anything obvious anyone can think of that would prevent video playback? I am not talking about anything over adventurous like MKVs, I am talking about MOV files such as movie trailers or even the various videos on the apple home page such as the new ipad video. I have also tried mov files films on my iPhone to no avail.