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  1. Ok guys i've solved thank you to http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=278270&st=0&gopid=1814691entry1814691
  2. Many thanks guys,i've solved deleting all IRQNoFlag from dsdt exept for the HPET that i've set as forum says,really really thank you,It's a pleasure use this forum. Thank you guys. Gnolla
  3. The problem is the sata devices are slow and they stops sometimes, exept for the primary(where osx is installed) any solution?(i mean navigate in other sata hard drives and even on dvd drive is extremely slow/impossible,burn or read a cd/dvd take ages and in the mostly of the cases it freeze..for example last time i've tried to install hp printer from the cd and after 15 minutes installation block due dvd device fail....i've tried many kext but there's somebody have an ideas?? i've also fixed the hpet in dsdt but no luck.. any solution? thank u very much my specs: sl 10.6.6 asus rampage 2 extreme bios 1502 x58 i7 920 4gb corsair ram dd3 Geforce gtx 275
  4. Ok,I've solved the problems,thank you for the answer now my sound card is splitted under 3 device founded,and my 5.1 works 1 piece at time,i've tried to join the 3 sound device under 1 in midi setting s but no luck,any ideas? The other problem is the sata slow and stop sometimes on all device exept for the primary(where osx is installed) any solution? i've tried many kext but there's somebody have ideas?? i've also fixed the hpet in dsdt but no luck.. any ideas?? thank u very much my spec: rampage 2 extreme bios 1502 i7 920
  5. Hi,i've just installed osx ######+retail 10.6+###### after install i've done combo update to 10.6.6 and run ###### and installed kext,everything seems works fine exept for Firewire that doesn't work. someone could help? really thank you in advance here my specs: asus rampage 2 extreme X58 BIOS 1406 IEEE 1394a (2 x 1394a port(s) (1 port at back I/O, 1 port onboard))---->Controller FireWire VIA VT6308 Fire IIM IEEE1394 Host Controller (PHY: VIA VT6307) i7 920 4gb ram Thanks in advance, Regards, Gnolla Under firewire in mac info there is (unknown device) anybody can help plz??