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  1. For a long while i hadn't been able to record in soundtrack pro, whenever i hit the record button i got the error An Unexpected Problem Uncaught exception or sometimes it would say something about not being able to write an .aiff, anyhow this is easily fixable by going into apples Audio MIDI setup and making sure the audio input is set to 16bit and not 20bit now it works as it should, hope this helps someone else
  2. Hi, I keep reading conflicting posts regarding running osx on a P3 specifically regarding sse instructions. As P3's dont have sse2 it shouldn't be possible right? or has someone made a patch that enables it to run. Have read that its possible to confuse the bios into thinking that a sse chip has sse2 instructions and through this way you can get it to run- though i guess this differs per mainboard. The machine is a dual 500 P3 with a gig of ram so should be powerful enough to read emails and use the web. Any definitive yes/no answers would be great! Thanks
  3. Bios is recognising the Q6600 and the Ram, ive double checked my bios settings but found that its the 8600gt thats messing things up as osx bots with my 7300gt in the same configuration. Ive updated my nvinject.kext to version 2.1 and removed caches and extensions.mkext but osx still wont boot it gets to the loading screen with the spinning grey spinning circle then tries to jump into osx proper but just hangs. might it be something to do with having the nvdanv50.kext's and the nvdaresman.kext in my extensions folder and nvinject getting in the way with these? Or could it be something to do with having to insert my device id into nvinject- im using an xfx 8600gt fatality (the silent one) which is maybe too new for nvinject\??? Hope someone can help, cheers Will
  4. Hi I just upgraded my P5WDH based hackintosh from a Core2Duo E6450/2gb ram to a q6600 with 8gb ram and swapped out a crappy 7300gt for an 8600gt... i was smiling until it wouldn't boot. Im not sure if i'm meant to change any bios settings (ver.2406) as im now running 4 cores but everything boots into xp fine. I thought it might be something to do kernel flags so after pressing f8 during boot ive tried cpus=1 and fsb=266 but no avail... ive run boot with -s which brings me into terminal style osx fine and -v which hangs after something about vmnet? I was hoping id missed something obvious? any ideas? Thanks, Will (Running kalyway 10.5.1 upgraded to 10.5.2 with vanilla kernel)
  5. Hi, I just installed kalyways 10.5.2 update and was going to go ahead and install the 10.5.2 kernel package but dont know if this will knacker my system, Ive got a core2duo processor but my board is an asus p5w dh, in this installer it says that the vanilla kernel only works with intel boards so is this correct or is it ok to use on asus- the 10.5.1 vanilla kernel worked and is working fine! Or should i just go for the patched kernel? Hope you can help Cheers
  6. wxxhrt

    WMP54GS V1.1

    Just ordered one of these cards myself, so id like to second that request for the file! and could you guys confirm that the card works just like an airport card in a mac ie the icon in the top menu etc... ive had enough with zydas usb dongles and dropped connections! Thanks
  7. Hi there, Im just about to install this kalyway 10.5.1 dvd and am wondering what to do about my xfx 7300gt 256mb graphics card. When im installing should i choose nvinject ir natit(or both)? Ive also read : http://forum.netkas.org/index.php/topic,55.0.html I take it that pc efi 8.0 should allow us not to bother with either of these(natit/nvinject) but i take it i have to go ahead and install nvinject or natit then when everything is working sort out the efi gfx strings, then delete the natit or nvinject kexts? Hope someone can clarify? Thanks Will
  8. Hello, I have all my music on a real hard drive, which id like to access in parallels. The music is on a mounted hard drive in OSX but not on my OSX startup disk-the one with OSX on it. IS it possible to unmount the disk in OSX then mount it up under parallels or vice versa, access the parallels virtual drive in OSX. Or is any of this possible in VMWare? Thanks
  9. Hi, When i have a dual output graphics card (7600gt) with one monitor attached, when i boot into osx sometimes it decides to use one output sometimes the other, can i edit the "com.apple.boot.plist" to include which of the outputs i want osx to output on <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>"1280x1024x32@60"</string> In linux you can add something to the above to force display 0 or display 1, anyone know how in osx86 cheers
  10. wxxhrt

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    does anyone have an update on whether or not the "line in" works ok on the badaxe2 (975XBX2) i cant seem to find out anything about the line in, hope someone can help
  11. Great, well thats a relief to hear, at least i can rule that one out. ive cleared the cmos and very occasionally it powers up but with no video, i guess its either a dodgy mainboard or a faulty PSU? Anyway, thanks for your help
  12. Just finished building my new intel system and booted off my old hard disk into osx86, i got a kernel panic because the old hard disk had osx86 set up for an AMD system, so i hit reset and now my computer wont power on! could osx have tried to run AMD specific instructions on the new chip and fried it, i think the mainboards ok because the "im recieving power" light on the board itself is still on? the chips in question-- the had drive had osx86 setup for a amd 3200+ s939 the new "broken" computer intel 6420 s775 on a p5w-dh i havent got a different s775 chip to test arrgh!!
  13. wxxhrt

    Record Screen Activity

    ishowu is the best i've found, seems fairly quick with lots of encoding options
  14. Sorry to keep asking questions but do you know if the sleep/wake problem is one with the mainboad or with the current kernel, ie is it something thats likely or not to be ironed out in the future? And if anyone has Sleep/Wake working with this board could you post your setup (gfx card at least) Nice one!