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  1. Hello everyone, I did a search but I have not found any detail. Just a question that anyone had a success installation with Asus X99-PRO motherboard? The board is here https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/X99PRO/
  2. namvan

    Clover now boots from my windows drive too ???

    There is not a Windows version of Clover Configurator made yet. Would you mind contribute one? I will definitely use it. Can you post your Motherboard model, best with link to its website for the correct reference? Also if you would take photo of your BIOS where you selected boot priority... As Herve has pointed out, it might be a lot easier to reconfigure the current Clover, of course in Mac, to default the boot to your Windows rather than messing around with boot priority. Here is briefly how (from my memory). I could do some screenshots when I get home tonight. This is now a serious business but it is not hard. - Download and Extract Clover Configurator. you could use the Vibrant version. - Run it and on the menu on the left hand side, select Mount EFI or something like that - You would see the list of your drives on the right hand side, upper part. Read through and find the correct drive of your Mac. - Select Mount EFI, a new drive labelled EFI will appear in your Finder. - Open the config.plist from that drive and edit it using Clover Configurator. You would need to find where it it - Mind you to take a copy of that file somewhere safe in case you mess it up. - Don't forget to save it after editing the change. Well this will be the hardest and most fun part. You will need to read through Clover wiki from the link provided above by Herve (thanks mate). Good luck messing around.
  3. namvan

    Clover now boots from my windows drive too ???

    Just for me to understand this clear, please confirm and post some photos of your boot selection in BIOS setting. Previously: - Boot into Windows directly. No selection, no Clover screen whatsoever. - When needed to boot to OSX, what did you have to do? Now: - Regardless of any option/way to hack, what are these options/hacks?, you are greeted with Clover screen and the default boot is not to Windows.
  4. namvan

    Clover now boots from my windows drive too ???

    Well, Clover won't clone itself to your Windows drive otherwise it would be a virus. I think what happened was that your Windows drive failed to boot properly so as a fallback, the Clover drive was used. If you could get to BIOS and disable boot from all drives except the Windows one, you would see the real problem if any. If you do not mind to mess around with cables then just unplug all drives, except the one with Windows. Let it boot and if okay plug other drives back again. I have another guess that somehow you have installed Clover to your Windows drive. Hard to tell and hard to prove.
  5. namvan

    Clover now boots from my windows drive too ???

    Are you booting with UEFI or Legacy? I am guessing that the boot sequence changed from first Windows drive to first Clover drive. You need to get to the BIOS and update the boot priority. Another way to do this is to update Clover to autoboot to Windows as default. You could use Clover Configurator to do that. If you are going down this path, select the System Reserved partition as boot on MBR, not the partition with Windows. Hope it helps.
  6. namvan

    Possible kernel panic

    is this a question? or just information only? be more specific mate.
  7. so is it good or no good? This helped me to stretch the VM to a custom resolution of whatever size inside the workstation.
  8. namvan

    "Completely rethinking the MacPro"

    well, from the article below the Trashcan design does not seem to be useful enough for a Pro. I think the photo below is too extreme but it tells one of many stories. The part discussing about It has to be user upgradeable made total sense and refered to the good old fold-out side "door" Power Mac G4. I remembered there is a MacMod called MacBane in the forum using that chasis, a fabulous work. https://www.cnet.com/news/the-2019-apple-mac-pro-has-to-look-backward-to-move-forward/
  9. namvan


    Hello @CrazyTeeka Welcome to our floating ship
  10. namvan

    GeForce GT 710

    problem here is that we can only go with whatever in the stock. so sad it was not available sooner. 710 is till the only reasonable (~100) for me
  11. inspiring motivation mate. Love your work. Could I suggest a name for it because the reference to something you don't like does make your great tool not-great How about imCreator (Insanely MacOS Creator). It implies MacOS creator. it got insanely mark. and it = I'm Creator (meaning you). Now this makes me remember the I am Lord Voldermort phrase.
  12. @SAngeli you might need to do the below then you could select the Full HD. On a side note, you might need to remove the HiDPI setting.
  13. I have previously struggled with a similar issue with similar Gigabyte mobo and ticking every option under Energy Saver saved me. Please note that you might have more options than my screenshot. Good luck.
  14. can you attach your clover config file? Remember to remove anything specific to your build such as board id and serial number. also let me know the full boot arguments if possible. best as photo.
  15. it is the usual kernal panic message. you would need to patch your Virtual Box. Search in the forum you would find the instructions. Good luck.