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  1. @akash shinde, Thanks for the info bro.. @Munchee, Apparently, we are..
  2. @rlf, Last night, I have waited for about 1 & 1/2 hour and it just stays at the last part of the setup.. It said something like, "Approximately 2 minutes remaining".. Then, I unplugged the computer because I was thinking that something is wrong.. After that, I tried booting the disk again.. As said earlier, it took so much time.. That's when I assumed that the iATKOS L2 DVD is damaged.. Yes it's for Snow Leopard, but I'll still give it a try.. Oh, I see.. When installing it (Retail Version of OSX Lion) into a virtual machine, do I have to add or tweak something?? Or, should I just set it so it'll boot with the image mounted into its virtual disk drive.. I tried reinstalling the iATKOS L2 last night after my internet connection broke.. Fortunately, after waiting for a sum of 1 hour, it had a successful installation.. My only problem now is that after booting my iATKOS L2, it's stucked at the loading screen.. I tried booting it in verbose mode and the last text was: Resetting IOCatalog
  3. @rlf, Yeah.. I understand the need for a bootloader.. Unfortunately, (as what I have said before) I don't have any Mac.. I tried installing the iATKOS L2 in a virtual machine, but it didn't worked.. It just gave me some error.. Right now, I'm planning to use i.B.o.o.t.. What do you think?? Will it make the DVD with the untouched retail version of OSX Lion boot on a PC??
  4. @rlf, Oh, I see.. I'm just wondering because last night, it just took few minutes to boot.. Today, it took more time than I could ever wait.. Thanks for your help.. BTW, if I'll boot a burned retail version of OSX Lion, will it boot faster?? What are your thoughts?? P.S. What is your estimated installation duration for iATKOS L2 on Core i5 430m?? Sorry, I don't know the speed to which the files were burned into the disk.. Anyway, does it affect the duration of the installation??
  5. @rlf, Here's the last part that seems to give some clue: BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory Bug: launctl.c:2408 (24957):30: (dbfd = open(g_job_overrides_db_path, O_RDONLY | O_EXLOCK | O_CREAT, S_IRUSR | S_IRUSR)) != -1 nstat_lookup_entry failed: 2 nstat_lookup_entry failed: 2
  6. @rlf, I have booted it in verbose mode a while ago.. It gave me something like "file not found" at the last part of the texts.. Wait.. I'll try it again.. P.S. No.. I had used dmg2img to convert the iATKOS_L2.dmg to an iso.. Then, I have used 3rd party burner to burn the image into a blank DVD..
  7. @rlf, I've tried it.. It wont boot.. Some files are missing.. Most of the remaining files are files for booting..
  8. @rlf, I can't install it.. It rolls back the installation at the end.. :C It also says the following: MacDrive 9 Standard Setup could not be completed because an error occurred Do you know any alternative software?
  9. @rlf, After burning the iATKOS_L2.dmg into a DVD using Transmac, I mounted the DVD and (as far as I can remember) I can see the files in the DVD.. Then what softwares can I use to verify the existence of the files??
  10. @rlf, Thanks for replying.. Okay, I'll try it (2) after downloading the retail .dmg file.. I didn't notice it.. The installation just stops at the end part of the setup, and I have also noticed that the disk drive stops reading the iATKOS L2 DVD I'll try to burn the iATKOS L2 again.. I think the DVD is damaged because it just stays at the Apple loading screen.. Moreover, I found out that most of the files in the DVD were missing.. I learned this after inserting the disk and browsing it's contents in another pc..
  11. Good morning.. Can someone guide me so I can install the retail version of OSX 10.7.2 into a USB without using an existing Mac or Hackintosh.. I have downloaded the retail .dmg file from this address ######## Basically, I don't own any Mac machine nor anyone who I know does.. So, I'm currently on the hunt to find an alternative way to put this .dmg into a usb and be able to boot with it.. If you have some idea on how to do this, please help me.. Thank you.. :] P.S. I have a working bootable DVD of iATKOS L2.. Unfortunately, I can't finish the setup because it hangs up at around the last 2 minutes of installation..
  12. intel hd graphics cards success 10.8

    So what's your status? Are you able to get Intel GMA HD's native resolution?
  13. Bugs or Crash?

    Have you fixed it?? BTW, I messaged you.. I'm hoping that you'll read it.. :]
  14. Broadcom Netlink 57780 (help)

    Good work buddy..