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  1. Hi ! I'got serious problem with my new hackintosh. After a big fight with my graphics card everything is working but there's a one thing. My laptop ( Packard Bell tj-75 ) is overheating. I've installed iStat and it's saying idle - CPU : 65 GPU: 60, but when i start doing somethind temperature goes to CPU:80 GPU: 75. Im worried about my laptop. Yesterday when i was talking on Skype my CPU goes to 100 Celcious degrees ! and GPU to over 80. I don't know what to do. My graphics card is ATI radeon 5470m 512m ( and thanks god its working ), and my CPU is Intel Core i5 430M. Please guys, I need your help. And very interesting thing. Yesterday i reinstalled my voodoohda kext for newer because my mic didnt work ( and it doesn't work now ) my idle temperature went up. And now its like 75 for GPU
  2. Help With ATI Mobility Radeon 5470

    Hey ! Escpecially for this topic I registered on this forum. I've got the same ATI card onboard, with Lion 10.7.2, and its working good. I've been fighting with this card for 3 days. First thing you need to do is recognize your internal monitor. Good tutorial is on the other sites for EDID thing. If you want some more info of "what to do to get it work", send PM, and maybe I can help You.