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  1. Zenith432, please Can you make build for OS 10.6.8?
  2. Zenith432 Hello. Please! Can you add 32 bit support for i386? Because native AppleUSBXHCI.kext has support both x86_64 and i386, when patched has only x86_64 and i can't use it with Core Duo CPU, non x86_64, only i386. Thank you and check my solution for NEC USB 3.0 Cards, may be it help you in future.
  3. Open info.plist with plist editor. In PXHCD dictionary add IOPCIPrimaryMatch string 0x01941033
  4. You can make card Branded is CalDigit with full futures without checking USB drives not like LaCie or make it Branded for Oyen Digital without checking USB drives too. It's your choice to decide what is your favorit Brand. No needed any more wait for become new drivers will be patched and available for all.
  5. I Found The Solution how to Making NEC USB 3.0 Card Fully Comportable with Original MAC Drivers [CalDigit, LaCie, Oyen] So, Now We can to change Subsystem Vendor ID and Subsystem Device ID for Your NEC/RENESAS USB3 Controller on chip (uPD720200 & uPD720200a). All latest original MAC drivers, before locked for us, will be available from Vendors by Your choice: CalDigit MAC Driver or LaCie MAC Driver or Oyen Digital MAC Driver and etc... And posting instruction hear....
  6. Hello. Any LaCie drivers (original or patched) don't work for me, my system 10.6.8 is kernel panic forever. Please, anybody can patched drivers from CalDigit card for 10.6.8? Thanks.