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  1. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    ill give it a go, and its cause 0x2000 doesnt work on ML, but 0x3000 does, it works on older versions like Lion & SL too and does exactly the same as 0x2000 see here: http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/01/list-of-common-hackintosh-boot-flags_29.html will post results of adding the kexts back in when ive done it.
  2. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    tried that and am now getting a kernel panic, appleusbcomposite problem maybe?
  3. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    I currently have no usb devices connected :/ only the mouse & keyboard. and the /Extra/Extensions/ kexts are: fakesmc nullcpupowermanagement intelcpumonitor so not too sure whats going on there
  4. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    okay i now have lion installed, it worked fine after putting the boot drive in SATA port 0, with boot flags: "GraphicsEnabler=No -v" and it installed fine, but now i am not able to boot into my installed Lion, ive put the installation HDD in sata port 0 but i get stuck at USBMSC Identifier (non-unique), any ideas? EDIT: i have been trying to fix this all day with many different boot flags and / or kexts installed, different bootloaders and just about anything i can think of, with just no luck
  5. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    yeah its set to AHCI atm, thought i needed it for mac os, still cant get past waiting for root problem though
  6. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    okay ive tried that second link you gave me, this one: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=266390 and i think its gotten further than before, am currently stuck on 'still waiting for root device' and i am frantically googling to find a cure for the problem
  7. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    yeah its restarting, thats what i mean, it doesnt even load the gui or installer :/ and ah rite yeah GM, i found that out recently from another thread and ive tried loads of different install methods, including the first link you suggested, but ill give the second link a try, i havent used that one yet, will post back as soon as ive tried it, just need to fix my SL installation as it doesnt like me adding the device ID for my graphics card into the ATI kexts, just refuses to boot :/ so will do a re-install of SL then try that second method you gave me. Thanks again.
  8. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    ive now tried this with your method posted before with no avail, and ive tried with no graphcis card, custom kexts, as many boot flags as i can find with still no luck, just cant boot into the lion installer :/
  9. Lion v10.7.3 Install Boot Loop (rebooting)

    cool, thanks for the maxmem tip, and yeah ive got integrated graphics, ill try taking out my graphics card, and ive already tried that boot flag, along with a load more, ive recently got hold of mountain lion from a friend and that does the same thing, so im guessing its a problem with any OS above snow leopard. Ill try that link you suggested and see if it shows any light, and i deleted the video but ill re-take it now and post it as soon as ive done it. Thanks. EDIT: Whats the Lion GM you said about in your previous post, ive got the Lion install ESD but have got no idea what the GM is :/ is it the baseimage.dmg? EDIT: Heres the video of the boot up:
  10. Hi guys, I am currently running an Intel Desktop Board DG965SS with an Intel Core 2 Duo LGA755 2.2GHz, i have 8GB of RAM (4x2GB) but have currently got in 4GB (2x2GB) for installation, and an ATI Radeon HD4650 1GB graphics card. I can install and run Snow Leopard with no problems at all as long as i set GraphicsEnabler=No (or GraphicsEnabler=Yes with extra kexts installed), however my problem is when i try to load the Lion 10.7.3 installer, it runs fine but it just restarts the computer before the installer loads, there are no errors in verbose mode and it doesnt pause for long enough to let me see whats on the screen, but i managed to record it on my phone and read what it says just before it reboots, it just after the part that says darwin something when booting, it then outputs the current boot flags then restarts the computer, ive been at if for days and just cant get it to work ive tried many different combinations of boot flags but just cant get past this reboot problem, its always at the same point with no errors or explanation as to why. if i dont run it in verbose mode then it flashes white then restarts, so im guessing its loading the kernel but crashing somewhere . Ive looked all over the net and have been googling for 2 days solid and im starting to read the same things over and over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.