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  1. Hi @ all. Long time since i was here the last time. @ Trucker MK do you have meanwhile usb 3.0? i have found this kext. All other kext freez my system. But this one works like charm. try it. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3745 another question? now i am on 10.7.5 Sleepenabler dont work anymore. I read i have to patch appleintelcpu......right? or do i have to do any other changes. everything works now for me. only sleep dont work.
  2. IT WORKS!!!!!! TRUCKER YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! You saved more than just my day!!! Thanks a lot to all of you. And specially to TRUCKER MK Now i only have to wait for USB 3.0 support
  3. file://localhost/Volumes/Daten/Graka_kext/VBIOS/6741.8000.0200.vga.rom file://localhost/Users/P/Desktop/dsdt.dsl Hi Trucker, I don´t get it. Here are my VBIOS and my original dsdt. I tried to patch it but i get errors. Actually i´m a noob in all kind of edit. Could you take a look on it? wtf? Why i can't upload anything? http://uploaded.to/file/6or5z6wg http://uploaded.to/file/u2r264pe
  4. I solved the error above. But it still don´t work for me. At boot up from chameleon (1820) i get this: Use custom dsdt...my card is detected...but at boot up from mac...unknown device id. I boot up with -v GE=Yes AtiConfig=Ipomoea solutions?
  5. Hi Trucker, thanks for answer. I did as you told me. I dont hae a dsdt so i creat one and patched it like you say. I replaced the kext with kext wizard. But now i can´t boot up anymore. No kp the system stuck after detecting the drives then it connect the Network and i get this here: nspace-handle-set-snapshot-time: 1336430107 en1: bssid changed to 00:04:0e:d3:8a:1b (this line i get abaout 10 times and sometimes the Countrycode is set to GB sometimes to D) Airport: RSN handshake complete on en1 en1: bssid changed to 00:04:0e:d3:8a:1b( about 5 times again) 188.577538: ar5416Load: NF:*** TIMEOUT while waiting for nf to load: AR_PHY_AGC_CONTROL=0xc0d22*** so i boot up in windows and vmware i deleted the dsdt but still the same when i try to boot any solutions for this? thanks to all.
  6. Hi @ all I have installed Lion without problems. Everything works. But I´m only have 5Mb on my Graphic (1600x900). And no Framebuffer loaded. So i cant even watch youtube vids. My Card is: Radeon HD 6650m 1Gb Vendor 0x1002 Device: 0x6741 ID: 0x05131025 The ID is listed in the ati6000 kext and in a (???)X3000(something like that...) i boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes / =NO I try every personality.....Read all Posts I found. Try different "Bootfiles" with different 6000kexts.....still the same Problem. I read this http://tonymacx86.co...5a1b144c3101ef: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=253557 http://www.insanelym...howtopic=252061 http://www.insanelym...howtopic=249642 http://www.insanelym...howtopic=277042 i try the aty...with the kext for 10.7.3(with my id the first one under install methods) but without the editoring of the personalitys because i dont understand this and i can´t work with hex editor.... I boot about 70Times 3times my card works perfect on lvd no idea about vga and hdmi. the other 67times double vison or blackscreen. Its strange.. for example Caretta works on the first boot...i thought yes i did it...check the card in Profile everything is good....reboot...blackscreen with the same options...reboot doublevision.....on Colobas and kakapo the same....so i try one personality that give me a blackscreen before....this time doublevision..... How is it possible the same flags the same options.....but first time black the double then after 10times perfect screen..... Please I need help...i waste 4days on this {censored}.... Sorry for my bad english