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  1. I haven't tried but this thread seems to report success. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=264760
  2. I have this laptop and have never gotten it to install to the internal hd. I have however gotten it to install on an external hd but video was stuck at a single resolution and this was over a year ago.... I gave up and bought a lenovo s10 instead. You are not likely to get many people to respond to you on this laptop for a few reasons. It's old. I know I bought mine almost 3 years ago. The motherboard and video card are not very osx friendly. I worked real hard to get an install to work when I first bought it and gave up.
  3. I've found the easiest fix is just to buy a usb sound card... very inexpensive and worked for me out of the box --- no need to wait for driver fixes...
  4. I have the same graphics issues and the same 1.6GHz unknown. I've just learned to live with the graphics slight glitches and don't really care what the About this Mac shows...
  5. Ok for all those people who talk about this build costing in the $300+ range.... I stumbled upon this: edit: Gone no longer available... http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&CatId=1210 Price: $149.99 (after $10.00 mail in rebate) Intel D945GCLF & Atom 230 1.60GHz Crucial 1024MB DDR2 Western Digital Caviar SE 80GB Hard Drive Power Up Mid-T w/450-Watt PSU Barebone system with the same motherboard... Add the DVD burner for $24.00 and you get out the door for $179 (plus shipping) If you add a wireless for $23.00 you are right at about $202.00 Now that is cheap!!Still.....
  6. How fast... Fast enough to do basic stuff... No big graphic projects and no high end games.... Still very usable and quicker than an old 68k mac that was top of the line just a few years ago (am I showing my age) My build was about $248.00 and that included wireless and shipping. The idea here is cheap and 'fully' functional To the previous persons question about the fan running 100%.... It's a desktop - not a laptop and it's a cpu designed to run at one speed and with very low power.... (am I right here?) If the fan is running... I don't know in this build I don't think the cpu fan is variable..... It will always run at 100%. Now for something completely different... Installed vmware fusion, set up windows xp, and selected the unity view... Now I'm running winamp and listen to sweat tunes from my library (have a library with over 24,000 songs of which about 50% were burned in wma -- don't want to have to convert them to ones that Itunes supports and wanted to still view a library view) I continue to love this very cheap build. Now I must admit that I did spend an extra $49.00 that I did not include in the price of the build on an aluminum keyboard that makes this hackingtosh look a bit stylish.... Also took my two 500 gig externals and installed the NTFS software to fully read and write to them.... This project is just down right fun and the basic cost was about what 50 Venti Carmel Machiotos would cost me at my local coffee house.... Or about 60 gallons of gas at the going rate..... 3 fill ups.... Now that is cheap!!! And it works... Still amazing to me..
  7. Tried the MSIWIND disk... It fixed two problems!!! After video fixes installed (from first post) IPhoto slide show now works!! (caused kernel panic before video fix installs). Confirmed that reset works but coming out of sleep I still get the DVD drive going crazy (seeking and when ejected it doesn't stay open). Also my keyboard has keys that stick and repeat after wake from sleep. It does sleep and come out but as noted not usable. Didn't end up being fewer steps though due to all the "missing" applications not bundled with the MSI... disk. Kudos to the suggestion though -- I like having IPhoto fulling working and the reset fully function again is nice.
  8. Put in 2gb memory is cheap.... And the improvements are worth it.
  9. I had this problem and found that the board was shorting out to the case. I took a piece of the static package the motherboard came in and slid it under the board then re-installed in case... Solved that problem. Look on your case and see if you have little black spots or if you have leads on the bottom of the board that seem very long.... Hope this helps.
  10. I got the aluminum key for this build and I have the problems others have had. I need to keep a ps2 keyboard hooked up if I need to get into the bios..... Anyone else have this problem on this build?
  11. iPhoto 08 crashes on Hackingtosh

    Same thing here. Found a work around though... Build the slideshow in IPhoto (save settings - don't play) then watch it in Frontrow. Worked for me!
  12. Ok, I'm convinced... This is a great build for the price (ignoring the xbench very low score). I installed all update as directed in the first post but didn't do the video "fix" and no artifacts with great looking QE and CI. The resolution default is the one I would pick anyway -- so not being able to change it is no big deal for me. I've load it up and for web browsing, DVD watching, ITune listening, and Office work this little machine works great!!!! Parellels worked but was slow (went back to just a native XP install). Photo shop also works but as would be expected is also some what slow. Thanks again!
  13. Received and build it! Working great so far... I used the Apex MI-100 case and got a 250GB harddrive with 2GB memory. Now I'm going to load it up with various applications and see how well it works..
  14. Ordered this system from newegg and should get it on the 15th.... How about a wireless card.... What is a cheap one that is 100%? Thanks for the great post everyone this project looks to be fun!!! Thanks wwwsnOOper -- I'll try that one ($23.00 at Newegg) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833320022
  15. Wow thanks for the post -- I'd started to give up hope with this laptop... I'll try to reproduce your results... I'll keep you posted...