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  1. {GUIDE} 10.7.2 Running (Almost Perfectly) on a HP tc4400

    I am wondering if my HP G60 458Dx (dual core T4 2.0 ghz) can be hackintoshed. Will give it a try.
  2. I just got my desktop going with iatkos l2. The Installed voodooHDA gave a loud hissing sound from my center spk. So I rollback to voodooHDA 0.2.1, which gave much better sound and no more hissing noise when there is no sound playing. Not sure if this info will help.
  3. Lion partition not visible on Lion itself

    That work for me...thanks.
  4. lion kb and mouse

    thanks....that work for me.
  5. I gave up Snow Leopard and here comes Lion....... I am moving on to Lion now. Much easier for my system setup and components. Very easy to install using iAtkos L2 which I burned it to a bootable DVD using disk utility from SL. First try ended up with a static gray boot screen because it was very late at night...actually early morning and I was not paying attention to what I did...I just hit the install button and did not realized I need to customized the install for my system. Went to bed. this morning I re-read the install instructions and the second try with customized install worked right away with only ethernet not working......sound and video seemed even better than SL 10.6. All my drives showed up of which was booted right off the hard drive. No DVD nor CD is not need like my SL install. Not trying the sleep yet but shut down and reset worked. Typing with my Lion now....heading to the Lion posts to see what is there.
  6. Going back to m u l ti I b e a s t for the standard boot install.....at least It can still boot from HDD. If I need windows data drive, just boot from cd. Thanks for your help.
  7. I don't understand what this means..should I just remove/delete the /extra folder and start over again? Lost Ethernet after the standard INSTALL and KP, need to fix that first....typing from my iPad.
  8. Going to try one more time....I don't see any com.apple.boot plist under /extra. And there is a red circle icon on the extensions folder.....lost permission to the folder too. Going to fix the permission now
  9. Just the routine...you need to turn the power down and restart.......
  10. Ok..just did a install without customization. Keep my fingers crossed.... Ok...getting a shinny apple and later.......KP... Go back to my good old CD boot...CD/DVD rom is back, and so are my windows drives
  11. Doing it now...any suggestion how to customized it? What to check? Anyway...doing a new install now. Haven not reboot yet.
  12. I tried the chameleon wizard with the following checked: Boot flags- Verbose mode, gui, legacy logo. misc- system type - desktop, restart fix. CPU- enable c4 states graphics- graphics enabler Saved a copy to /extra Reboot.....took about 2 min. I thought getting A KP....but it booted.....lol. I don't know what I was doing anyway, I can see win 7 boot disk, but not the data disk. Also I lost my cd/DVD rom drive!
  13. I gave up the hope gettug my hack to boot from HD and be able to acces the WINDOWS 7 data drive. The more I try the worse it gets. I went ahead with the 10.6.8 combo package upgrade and re-apply my previous video and sound kexts. Did not get any KP yet. Will just boot with the i530.iso CD from now on. Anyway, boot from CD is much faster than from HD boot loader....lol. CD boot takes only about 25 sec but HD boot takes about 2 min. And without Win7 drives access. Hackintosh is just my curiosity to see what and how it works. Good luck everyone. Happy hacking.
  14. Happy hunting for the kexts that work with your new laptop!
  15. If I remember right, the i530 CD is made to boot in IDE mode because the Dell Inspiron BIO cannot be set to AHCI mode. Could this be the problem with the ModCD? If I boot with i530, all IDE devices are available. If boot from ModCD/Chameleon, it force AHCI?