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  1. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m) Mountain Lion

    Accidentally deleted my post documenting my progress but basically I am at the stage where everything is working except the Bluetooth is permanantly on, the battery is not showing up, and the optimus graphics arent working, but I think I will stick with the onboard card for now
  2. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I have installed ML but when I boot it (from the USB) I get a KP straight away. I have tried various things but can't seem to get round this. Any ideas?
  3. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I guess I'll try ML as it's newer anyway. Thanks for the link and tutorial.
  4. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Yeah, I can boot the desktop from the USB, the problem is when I try to boot directly (using the chameleon bootloader I installed), I cant see why it's acting differently this time though as I did the same steps as last time!
  5. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Well, I am finding myself installing again as I accidentally deleted my partition table This time I am getting kext errors when trying to boot the installed volume. I install it, install the bootloader, install the kexts, copy the "Extra" Folder, repair my permissions, and copy the boot1h file fine. But when I try to boot after the installer freezes at "kext failed to load: com.apple.AppleLPC" I have tried without the dsdt.aml as well which does not seem to change the result.
  6. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    update: Had a few kernel panics so I deleted the battery kexts (about a week ago) havent had a single one since. Tried to remap the keyboard layout to the Z370 one, but OSX wont recognise the layout file I created, here it is if anybody wants to try it. Just place it in /library/preferences/keyboard layouts/ then go system prefs>user input> and it should show up (I'll upload the file later today)
  7. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Yes HDMI output is working fine, I havent had any KP's since installing the kexts in your attachment, but I'll delete the battery ones if I do
  8. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Thanks for the compatibility tips, I didn't know it was possible to enable HFS+ writing on windows, I'll get one of the drivers The 8.3 smbios works perfectly, thanks. I just installed all the kexts, are you recommending I don't install one?
  9. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I havent set up a shared data partition yet, what format do you recommend I set it up as? NTFS? PCIRootUID=0 is a must for use with the nvidia card, it does not remove the external monitor requirement May I ask what the dsdt file is for? Should I add it in to my extra folder?
  10. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Well, just finished the guide, it feels excellent to have a triple boot set up, I suggest you add a few things to the first post in case people have laptops with different hardware: If you use an nvidia card, you will need to boot with PCIRootUID=0 And also that weird thing about the external monitor thanks for the guide! Post installation notes- Before booting OS X I had to set a root password- boot the USB Goto Utilities Terminal resetpassword I had to remove grub from the MBR before installing chameleon dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=446 count=1 (from my linux partition) And after installing chameleon I had to copy that boot1h file If you want to make a backup of your MBR before removing it (highly recommended) dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/backup/mbr-backup bs=512 count=1 thanks for the support in this thread as well btw, Ill be sure to watch this in case anyone has similar problems I had
  11. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Well, the 10.7.4 image works great! My old version must have corrupt or missing files or something. Anyway, now when I try to boot the installed OS, It gets stuck on "Connect a wireless mouse or trackpad". Although I can move the mouse around perfectly, it appears to not register I have one connected, I assume I need to install the kexts to get this to work, do I install these in single user mode or something? edit: I found someone with a similar problem who was told to add a plist file to their system, I'll try that http://www.osx86.net...ckpad-help.html The file was removed due to infringement so I wont be able to download it edit2:Fooled OS into thinking the setup had been done by creating a file called '.AppleSetupDone' in /var/db and removing the lines <string>DeviceSection</string> and <string>KeyboardTypeSection</string> from /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup Assistant.app/Contents/Info.plist after booting with -s
  12. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    None of those flags make any difference, Ill try remaking the USB one last time, just in case Ive messed it up patching it somehow
  13. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I got my copy from the App store a while ago, and it just tells me it is version 10.7 I'm downloading a newer version of the disk image (10.7.4) In case that works My Z370 has an intel i5, and an NVIDIA GEFORCE video card BIOS config is Legacy USB Support - Enabled WLAN Device - Enabled SATA - AHCI Optimus device - Optimus Graphic (disabling this just slows down the graphics and gives me the same error) Intel Virtual Technology - Disabled (No noticeable difference when enabling this)
  14. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    I mean Ive tried both versions of both files, there is a 10.7.3 version and a 10.7.0 version listed on that site
  15. [How To] Lenovo z370 (i3-2330m HD3000(8086 0116))

    Remaking the USB makes it work again, until I patch it to work on MBR, at which point it always freezes with the 'still waiting for root device' message, or if I am not using a verbose output it freezes at the apple logo. Tried both versions of the patch and no luck so far. Thanks for the advice though, as Ive gotten much closer than I had before posting here!