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  1. Hello, till today my usb worked, not every port but they worked. Today i tried to fix them using the guide posted by pikeralpha. I messed up something with IOUSBHostFamily.kext because now my USB do not work at all and i can't even use my mouse/keyboard I can, and i did boot into the recovery partition, and Using the terminal i tried to copy IOUSBHostFamily.kext from the Recovery partition into S/L/E But still not working, i tried booting with -v -x, and also with "Boot without caches" in Clover, but there are no errors. I want to revert back everything to default, and i may need a Retail IOUSBHostFamily.kext, because i only touched that file. Can someone please Upload? I'm using 10.11 Public release
  2. DjrikyX

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Hello, i made a mistake. I copied these two kext inside the Original IOUSBHostFamilykext, and figured out now that's was totally wrong. I replaced original kexts. Can someone please upload the original kext? I did not made a backup. I need /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBHostFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBEHCIPCI.kext and /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBHostFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBXHCIPCI.kext Thank you!
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    Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Hi, thanks for your reply. It is connected correctly, because on Windows 7 is working. Also it was working in Snow Leopard using generic Voodoo before installed ML (the sound was distorted but it was working). On the Motherboard i only have one Port for the audio panel and it is HD Audio. But i don't know if the panel matter, maybe it is not compatible with HD Audio and it is only Ac'97? In red is where is connected to: EDIT 1: I found out that my front panel is AC 97 and not HD Audio, so it is incompatible. LAST EDIT: I got it Working! I've manually patched the Platforms.xml to manually select between Headphones and Internal Speaker and the front panel is working. Ill do the same for Mic, and hope it will work. Thank you for your help and your work!
  4. DjrikyX

    Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Hello, i'm not able to get my ALC1150 working as intended. I have a front panel with Headphones, Mic-in, Line-In jack's. But they do not work, i tried to use all Out Line in the Audio manager. I don't really care at the line-in or mic, but i need headphones to work. The jack's on the motherboard are working, but i also need the output at the front panel. My Motherboard is AsRock H87 Fatal1ty Performance, and i have a fresh install of Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and i don't use a dsdt. EDIT: I just saw that i posted in the Mavericks thread, sorry for that, but anyway i used all istructions for Mountain Lion. I just did install HDAEnabler1.kext and then i used your command script to patch AppleHDA.kext All worked fine since at least i have the audio on the motherboard jack's. Then i tried with HDAEnabler2.kext, but nothing changed. I don't know if there are other steps to enable them, or if i did something wrong. I got some difficulties to follow your instructions, and i am not an hackintosh expert. Can you assist me to get it working? Thank you very much and sorry if my english is not perfect, i'm italian.
  5. Hi all, i want to install ML on my pc, this is my situation: 1: I don't have a cd/dvd drive at the moment 2: I have a not working SL installation on my HD 3: My cpu doesn't support VT-X so i cannot run Snow Leopard in a Virtual machine First of all i have tried everything to boot my existing SL, but keep showing "Error encountered while starting up your computer, pausing 5 seconds" And reboot. Then i have a Leopard (10.5.5) virtual machine, i tried to run Multi for ML but seems not working. It stay stuck at "Installing Multi, Configuring Installation" and the progress bar not moving at all, i can see files being written to usb but really really slow... and after 4.67 GB have been copied, nothing happen.. I let it run for 4+ hours... I readed that Multi is only compatible with 10.6.7+, but since my cpu doesnt support VT-X i cant have Snow leopard working on virtual machine.. Then i tried iATKOS L2, i restored the dmg to usb with disk utility by reading guides, but doesnt boot from usb.. Then tried to create a Rescue USB with Multi by reading the guide on tonymacx86, and doesnt boot at all! Just freezes with a blinking underscore.. Tried many guides to have iB00t on usb.. only fail i got... so i need help.. Thank you in advance..
  6. I tried to start up Windows recovery, but it do not recognize. I get an error saying that this Recovery tool is not compatible with the current windows installation. (it is the same DVD i used to install, 110% sure.) it's strange. And, i do not know what i did.. I'm trying a software right now (MiniTool Partition Wizard) I can see all partitions, but can't do much.. only can copy/paste partition, resize etc. I can browse the windows partiton, but can't copy files, only see them.. Since all my important data are on Windows partition, i'm trying to delete all partition except the windows one and move it at the start of the disk.. and see if i can atleast browse files to backup.. I know that this forum may not be the right place to discuss my problem.. I asked here only because of GUID partition and was related to my previous MAC installation.. EDIT: That worked! I can see my Windows partition now and backup data and to a full disk format! You can close/delete.. Sorry if i posted for nothing!
  7. Hi, i have a wierd problem.. I have a 320GB HD, it was partitioned with GUID with 3 partitions: -MACOSX (hfs+) -WINDOWS7 (ntfs) -MACBACK (hfs+) It was working well with dualbooting options.. But since my Laptop is not well supported i decided to remove completely MAC, and install Debian.. So from the debian installation i deleted the two hfs+ partitions and installed debian WITHOUT touching the Windows Partition... The system start, but from GRUB i cant see my windows OS, and only can start Debian.. So i readed a guide on how to repair windows boot from Linux, but i think i f*cked up the Partition table / EFI partition... Now when i start my laptop i see "no bootable devices found, press a key to continue".. i tried also to plug my HD in my other PC i can see the HD but i can't access it.. (no partition found) if i try to open the HD from Computer Resources i get promped to format it.. On that pc i have MacDrive, so hfs+ partitions are recognized and i can access them.. So it is a problem with that HD. It is possible to fix The partition table at least to see partitions and save data? It is important... Thank you.
  8. Hi, i'm running SL 10.6.8 on my desktop.. Specs: Mobo: Asus P5L-VM 1394 CPU: Intel Core Duo E4300 @ 1.8Ghz RAM: A-data 1GBx2 667 DDR2 GPU: Geforce 9500GT 1gb (1680x1050, QE/CI) PCI Ethernet: RTL8139/810x Everything works, except Ethernet.. First of all i can only boot in 32bit mode, if i try to boot with arch=x86_64 just freeze on the grey apple screen. All kext i found seems to be 64bit only.. I got them from osx86.net and there are a lot of kext for this card there, from description some are also for 32bit but none is working for me. When installing them, during repairing permission i get a popup that tell me the extension cannot be registered because has failed to load.. and also rebooting they do not load. So, i tried with another hard disk, where i have 10.6.7 without any kext for my machine, and boot fine in 64bit mode, and my ethernet is working, then just to see, i booted in 32 bit mode, and ethernet was obviously not working. So, i need a 32bit kext for my card, or fix my 10.6.8 to boot in 64bit.. can you help me? is all day i try to make work this card..... Thank you
  9. DjrikyX

    Panic Aggiornamento 10.6.8

    Ciao a tutti, sono nuovo, sia su questo forum sia nel mondo hackintosh.. Qualche giorno fa ho installato Snow Leopard Retail sul mio portatile, un Packard Bell Easynote TM85 GO 279IT - Intel Core i5 460M - Intel HD Graphics - Intel HM55 Chipset - Ram 4GB DDR - WiFi Realtek RTL8192SE - Ethernet Broadcom NetLink (non so il modello preciso) Dopo l'installazione ho subito provato ad aggiornare alla 10.6.8 usando il ComboUpdate scaricato dal sito Apple, ma arrivato circa al 90% mi ha dato Kernel Panic.. La foto non è mia, ma l'errore è lo stesso: http://img861.images...1/dsc01285t.jpg Al riavvio il sistema non partiva, si bloccava sulla schermata della mela e non si schiodava da li, quindi ho reinstallato. Successivamente ho provato a usare l'aggiornamento alla 10.6.3 ma anche quì mi ha dato kernel panic, però l'errore era diverso.. Non ho fatto la foto ma l'errore Kernel trap o qualcosa del genere. Adesso il sistema non parte di nuovo e non ho ancora reinstallato perchè non so se ne vale la pena riprovare ancora, quindi eccomi quà a chiedere consigli.. Come posso aggiornare alla 10.6.8 senza errori? Grazie a chi mi aiuterà!