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    Asus Eee PC 1015px Guide

    Additional question(s), at point 6 there is the mentioning of the 2e partition.. but there is no mentioning of the first...does this have special requirements? If i make a (not recommended) os X single partition i still need to select GUID and use chameleon? Maybe all silly guestions but im just trying to get past the os x loading stall. Thanks in advance. Matthieu
  2. spikey1973

    Asus Eee PC 1015px Guide

    Hey there, Thank you for all your efforts on this site.. it persuaded me to try this after all. Well i must say, a hd failure was the first incebtive, which leads me directly to my question. A different hd, does that have any influence on the installation procedure? Personally i would be amazed if it does, but since I'm not entirely sure how everything works right now i wanted to ask cause i get stuck at the loading of os X (point 10) of the tutorial. An additional question is, do i really nerd the mouse at that point? The keyboard should work. Cant i work my way through with just that? Normally i would try, but i need to borrow the mouse, and since i now allready done that 5 times i feel people are getting a bit fedd up. And i find it a bit silly to buy one for just this procedure. Well thanks for any input.. Kind regards Matthieu