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  1. Cant enable Dictation - assistantd Error

    For me its working NOW. What I did was to delete all Cache data (especially System and User) with Onyx, repair all permissions, restart and tried to enable again. After this it was able to enable dictation, but unfortunately it didn't recognized a word. I tried different country settings in the Language & Text Options and in dictation settings, used different VPN-Server (Astrill with OpenVPN), enabled and disabled dictation but nothing worked. So I gave up, changed my country back to US (but currently I'm in China), changed dictation language to English US and gave it up and thought it's still very buggy (and it is!). Today I was connected for longer via VPN through a Server in NY (US), and finally I thought, let's give dictation a try, maybe its good today, I double pressed the FN key, the Mic Picture poped up, I said Siri and pressed FN again, and it recognized it!!!! Wow, I tested it now again with more difficult sentence and it worked nice, I even tried just to change the language in dictation to change to German and it also worked and recognized the sentence! So here I'm and I report you guys, btw. in my previous post I wrote that I think that the plist file is corrupt, I have to say that my current one looking the same, but at least to let Onyx kill all cache files and to restart made me able to enable dictation.
  2. Hello, I have a strange problem with the new dictation feature in ML, as soon as I click on enable dictation, a dialog open that seems that the program is trying to connect and then nothing happens and I could wait for years. I checked already several things but now I dont know what I could do next. 1. I'm connected with the internet and the Appstore/iCloud is working properly 2. I checked the console and can see following error messages: 4/8/12 3:31:50.613 AM assistantd[3590]: <Error>: AceConnection - Couldn't read anything through read! the os lied to us ;_; 4/8/12 3:31:50.613 AM assistantd[3590]: <Warning>: Session - Failed loading/creating assistant Critical Error: Cannot create Assistant! elapsed time 0.000000 4/8/12 3:31:50.614 AM assistantd[3590]: <Error>: AceConnection - incomplete finish 4/8/12 3:31:51.615 AM assistantd[3590]: <Warning>: Session - Retrying after assistant failure 4/8/12 3:31:51.646 AM assistantd[3590]: <Error>: AceConnection - Attempting to send ace command before ace connection connected 3. I checked in my user /L/P directories and the files related to assistantd like com.apple.assistant.plist. It seems that this file is missing informations/is corrupt or something similar bplist00—_Session LanguageUen-US$ 4. I killed the process delete the files and then retried to enable dictation again, unfortunately without success, I got every time the same errors in console 5. I tried to create another user profile to enable dictation there, I got the same errors in console 6. I tried different Sound inputs (internal, and the one from my USB Headset) but got again the same result Anybody an idea what I could try next ?
  3. Hi Chrisemtpa, I extended the partition size to cover the complete unallocated space from the Dell & the Win7 Recovery Partition. By this I closed the Gap and had my Win7 Partition as first one.
  4. Hi Mahesh, I tried both files, added my service tag, exchanged in extras folder and restarted. Both times I could'nt get any output at the tv. After every restart I checked the display settings and tried detect display", but unfortunately without success. Do you have any idea what else I can try? (btw, the adapter works in windows )
  5. Hi Mahesh, I bought know a minidisplayport to hdmi adapter, oob it doesnt work, proberly because of the missing Macbook 8.1 smbios. As soon you can provide me some new files I will test it again.
  6. Hi Mahesh, I wish you a good stay in LA, I hope I can get tomorrow my Minidisplayport to HDMI Adapter and then I will feedback to you if it will wok OOB. For all others that want have WiFi and already have a iPhone (Jailbroken), I can recommend to you tu try PDANet, with that Application on Mac and iPhone you can use your iPhone as a WiFi Adapter over the USB-Cable. For me it seems to work very good for now. I even have the possibility to connect my IPad2 to my iPhone in HotSpot mode and serve the web by this
  7. Hi Chrisemtpa, I had the same problem, as solution I deleted the Dell Utilities & Win7 Recovery Partition, I moved my Win7 Partition at position 1 and the HTFS+ Partition at Position 2. Before this I created a Win7 recovery CD from my Windows. I did all operations on partitions with Gparted-USB-Boot Stick. After GParted finished, I repaired my Boot Informations with the recorvery CD. At this time my Windows Booted again and was in normal state. Then I started the iATKOS Installation again and followed the Guide here. The Camelon Bootloader worked afterwards without problems. In the iATKOS Guide you will find the information that your Win7 and MacOS X Partion must be one of the first 3 partitions, maybe there is a workaround or other solution, but this worked for me.
  8. Hi Mahesh, first of all I want to say thank you! You was made my wish come true to run Mac OS on my Notebook, really great work! Everything descriped works! Here my configuration: XPS 702X Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 i7-2670QM @ 2.2GHZ 6GB RAM No 3D Bios A17 By following the whole topic only a few questions are still open, I hope you have the time to answear them. 1. Can I get HDMI out with a normal minidisplayport to HDMI Adapter like this MiniDisplayPort HDMI Adapter (clear that the build in HDMI out is linked to the GeForce and for this there is no way) 2. Is there a chance to get the Sleep Mode running with the A17 BIOS, I also get the black screen at wake up 3. Is the GeForce Graphiccard completely disabled by the DSDT while running Mac OS X or is it still active and drains energy? Many thanks in advance!!