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  1. Hey guys, so recently I was trying to install OS x on a PC not able to run VT so I decided to switch! Now I have run into a problem with my ati radeon x1400, I have been reading some people get it to work with dell or they download a torrent to get it to work. I have already purchased the Lion install and created a USB bootable drive with ###### in a VM. Now I am getting hung up on this point in the picture. A point in the right direction would be great, I have searched all over google and a lot of the tuts appeal to 10.6 and like I said I am using 10.7...Thanks
  2. PentiumD 915 (P) DC 2.8 GHz 800 MHz front side bus Socket 775 CPU specs from HP The Picture is just of the screen running through commands, it goes so fast it is hard to read anything, I am surprised it is as clear as it is. I did not see any errors just looks like it is installing drivers! Also PookyMacMan any luck on that manual install, I am guessing I can not use ###### to add a kernel to the install..
  3. Thanks guys, I forgot to post my CPU it is an Intel Pentium D dual core.
  4. Just recently I wanted to try and run a Mac O S on my PC, trying to make a cheap Apple TV I guess! To start off I used a VM I created on my Laptop to create the Install USB drive, I purchased the "Install Lion OS" app from the Apple store and created my drive using the ###### method. For the USB drive I am using an external sata drive caddy with a Desktop sata drive in it. I am trying to install Lion on an ASUS P5LP-LE motherboard, which I can not find much information on in the forums. I have an Nvidia 8800GTS and I have unplugged my IDE DVD rom drives. "Where I have gotten!" I have been to the USB Install screen and at first when I selected install it would bot loop right away, now I have used the script -x -v -f -s and have been able to get what I think is a pre install screen . Here is the Image of the screen, I have been reading and getting pretty confused with all the different commands and what I need to do before or after installation! I am good with Windows but once I get out of PC I get lost, hence the venture into Mac OS, plus I love my ipad 2! Thanks for any advice!