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  1. Hello all, I have the following scenario: OS X installation has two users, who frequently log in and out. They don't want to type in passwords all the time at login. However, the users still need to have passwords, because the machine is exposed with services like SSH. Is it possible to allow users to log in locally without typing in their password? Thanks, Dejan
  2. Hello all, I successfully installed OSx86. But, I can't install Adobe CS3 on it, because I chose case-sensitive filesystem during the install. Before I go and reinstall, is there a way to change the filesystem from case sensitive to case insesitive without loosing data?
  3. Hello all! I have just touched Mac OS X (or osx86) for the first time in my life. It installed flawlessly on a presario v5101us, but I can't get the onboard realtek 8139 (that's rtl8139 drivers on linux) to work. I used 10.4.8 JAS iso with SSE2 and AMD support. I search around, and found info about installing tulip and whatnot, but there isn't even "make" on the system. Anyway, I have no idea how to get this working. Can somebody please help or point me to instructions? When I used that "wizard" for network setup, it said that ethernet might not be plugged (which it is - to the cable modem). Where do I start? ifconfig doesn't show the device in question... Thanks in advance for any help! Dejan