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  1. I have a similar rig like you. I tried kalyway 10.5.2 and it works perfect. On the inbuilt ethernet does not work. I changed that for a realtek 3800 series card. 1) Disable ethernet in bios. 2) Put Sata into compatibility mode. 3) Start with this option. -v cpus=1 In kalyway option, partition with guid or mbr, clean install is best. Leave the deafult, and choose your graphic card, i think it has gma 950 also i it. Find the cpus flag option and select that. Once again leave all the defaults on, just look for the graphic card option and the cpus flag option. or else you will have to boot with cpus=1 during boot. in case blinking cursor. try bott into safe mode with -s option. then type. fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 then flag 1 (1 means which ever partition you want to be bootable) update write quit reboot all the best. send me a PM in case anyone needs help.
  2. Getting X.4.9 to work

    Download uphucks 10.4.9 revision 3 or later and remove your wireless card before booting. You could try with wireless card on also. then when you are in the installation screen, go to patches and select remove ACPI and other pacthes mentioned. Y That means you have to choose the main system which would be the first choice and then expand patches and select all of them. You should have a clean install after that. Problems: DVD/Cd does not mount, wiresless and lan does not work. Audio is working I think i will get a mac instead of messing my brains with all this.
  3. Toshiba Satellite A75 S226

    HI, I am using Toshiba A75, I had previously installed 10.4.3, most of it worked except sound, video, dvd, and wireless. Then I lost interest and traveled to India for my CCNA. Now I am interested again in 10.4.8, I would like to know, if any one had any success with this laptop. I have ATi Radeon 9000 IGP and AC97 on board. Please advice guys. Thanks in advance.
  4. openATI Driver installation

    here is the link for openati https://sourceforge.net/projects/openati discussion link http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=14724
  5. Keynote Problem

    same problem here, for pages if it does not load do this. http://forum.osx86project.org/lofiversion/....php/t6892.html
  6. Someone please tell me how to install openati driver, it seems that many have found success on various ATI cards. I just downloaded it from sourceforge but there are no instructions to install it. please help thanks in advnce.
  7. 30 Years: A Retrospective Look

    Happy Birthday APPLE. I ate an apple in youe honour. To be honest, the mac people have contibuted a lot to the computing world. If it was'nt for them we would not be here. I remember the first time i used a pc was when i was in school. never understood programing language and still don't today. I think it was cobol. we had to write a small program to add two lines of number. Then we graduated to a class where we had our first graphical view, we wrote a small program to make a line move. my first look at 3.1 made me feel WOW, we had those big floppies to use, a 386 machine then a 486. WOW when i first saw a picture on a desktop, i think it was windows 95 i coud not stop looking. Then came 333 MHz pentium in my life, i was stunned. I had never even known that there is something called Mac or Linux. In india computer was for the elite in the soceity. Owning a pc was like taking a dog to walk with your nose up. Old wealthy pigs who had pc treated us like craps, if we wanted to use their pc. and someone with a laptop was like a god. Then came the internet in our lives, a dos based shell, and it was so slow, we had to dial to another city to get connected and the conenction broke every 5 min. I paid a lot of money just to see it. one day someone told me the best OS is reh hat linux. I made it a point to learn it someday. Someday will come. As a local indian, the first time i saw a mac was on an apple website, and i recall saying this is beautiful. the graphics are beautiful. The first time i laid my hands on a mac machine, i was not impressed since it was version OS 9. Then came OS X and i loved playing with photoshop. Now i am in a dreamland to where we have come since last 20 years or let say 10 years, you guys in the west had the technology, we were still with burning our pc with kerosine lamps. Things have become cheaper, but macs have not taken the makrket in india, becuase they hardly advertise and are very expensive, if the indian get to know mac, mac will be the most favorate of PC's. Indian's cannot afford 100 $ windows on a 50 $ salary per month. So the east is all pirated, it's so normal and it's part of life. 91 % do not even know what a pirated software means. They just get it with the guy who sold them a home build pc, which is cheaper then dell, compaq etc. Steve spent 4 years in India, as a hippie, he travelled to all the holy places and lived a cheap life, travlling in local bus and local trains. They say he has an effection for the place. I wonder when he will give us cheaper computers. He is in india as i write this. What years we had in computing, everyone has a diffrent experience. I say hats off to the computing community, whether it's linus, unix, mac or windows, we all make one computing world. God bless all, the hackers, the virus makers, the window makers, the unix makers, the networking people, the website designers, the geeks,etc etc. We make the world closer and more emotional. Cheers
  8. would this stuff work for ATI Radeon 9100 IGP
  9. radeon 9800 recognized as VESA

    I have a ATI RADEON 9100 IGP, can something work this, please advice
  10. MacGirl, only you can help me!

    She is married pal, but she is nice and helpful. she helped me also before.
  11. I am asking, i have 9100IGP and I am wondering if i should waste my bandwith wot download this stuff. I already have myzar patched dvd 10.4.5
  12. Thosiba A60

    In toshiba model, you have no sound and after installtion u get no dvd/cd mountd up. you have default graphics as it does not like ati. Native installtion is a pain as it hangs when detecing the wireless. what u could do is create a primary parition with id=af then launch vmware, tell vmware to use the whole parition, then copy chain0 to c: then edit your boot.ini like c:\chain0="mac os x" when you boot use the mac os x option and boot native into mac os x
  13. Si this something new, i mean that does it have support for Ati Radeon 9100IGP. I cannot wait to get my hands on 10.4.6, with a hope that it will have some more hardware support
  14. install in vmware then boot as native, i had same problems
  15. CHAIN0

    I learnd something today, as usaul i was always looking out for chain0 on the internet. mac girl I like your OS loading gif. How did you make that? Did u use a camera or a software.