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  1. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    The DVD drive can't read dvds. Under linux (and previously windows) clikcing on the cd drive did nothing. CDs are perfectly bootable. I will try to get a hang of a drive, because the distros are all bigger than 4GB (FAT32 limit for booting)
  2. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    Can you then tell me how to add the kext to an iso in windows? Can I use Transmac? I can't see the extensions folder in either iatkos and tiger
  3. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    Dell's BIOS is practically option-less. But I sorted out the 80 pin connector problem. After setting the jumper to 'master', my HDD was not recognized! Now, as I have set the drive back to 'cs', the drive is being extremely slow and my current OS 'ElementaryOS' (Based on ubuntu) does not boot as it shows tons of errors (it would probably eventually boot, as I predict it is also being slow). And yes, setting the jumper back brings me back to "Still waiting for root device" Now booting os x I get still waiting for root device all over the place as the boot is super slow, but eventually freezes on the lines below: Still waiting for root device AppleIHCxSATA: Primary PCI IDE Channel Disabled AppleIHCxSATA: Secondary PCI IDE Channel Disabled Still waiting for root device IOUSBMassStorageClass has no kernel dependency Still waiting for root device Still waiting for root device Still waiting for root device and then it just keeps on still waiting for root device. There is (little) distinguishable HDD activity.
  4. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    I have the 80 pin.
  5. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    The jumper is on master, in fact, that id's what got me to this error, before it was set to something like CS. Still same error, but earlier, message about iTunes, not what I wrote in my previous post. I'll try the bios settings.
  6. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    Okay, thanks a lot! Can I use transmac to add these? I can't seem to find the Extensions folder...
  7. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    Okay, did the cables. Still the same error,at a different position. I get an error about a kext, which is very close to the one you sent me.But this one is pata. I would add the one you gave me into the iso if i knew how. Still using the USB installer, i might get a dvd drive, but not anytime soon. Here is the error: AppleIntelPIIXPATA:80-Conductor cable not detected on primary channel Still waiting for root device......
  8. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    About the cables, 1. Is that the jumper on the Hard drive? 2. As a Dell in an original state, is there something else needed to change? Thanks a lot
  9. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    Thanks for the reply, I will try those, although iPC can't fit on a USB,because I use flashboot (which formats the flash drive as FAT32, which can't fit an entire iso, since it copies the iso to the flash drive and tries to boot from it) If you have any other way os USB-Installing (Transmac did not work, possibly because of a linux bootloader being present(?)). I guess I coul also use the existing ISO and add the kext, but I would have to know how to add a kext to an iso. Is that, too possible? Thanks a lot!
  10. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    Thanks for the answer, It has an Intel 865G. Just to add on, there is no option for AHCI in the bios.
  11. OS X on an IDE DELL?

    Hi, all I have attempted a few hackintoshes before, mostly on clearly incompatible hardware (such as SONY latops), but now I got and old DELL Optiplex GX270, which has been proven compatible by many people inside and outside this forum (like here: ). Unfortunately, this computer has a 40 GB IDE Drive. This makes stuff a little more complicated. I have attempted to install both Tiger and Leopard, but both without success and with the same error.I've tried many variations of OS X, but none boots me further than 'still waiting for root device' Here is what I did: I used a USB installer with Flashboot, because the DELL won't read DVDs I tried different USB ports I tried some boot flags that were listed as solutions to this problem (although without IDE) Can someone reccomend me either what "distro" to try out, or what boot flags or troubleshooting options could help me? (Please don't tell me stuff like "get a new hard drive/optical drive" or "don't install OS X on something that old") Here are the Specs of the PC: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.8 GHz Intel Integrated Graphics chip 40 GB IDE Hard Drive 1280 MB of RAM (2x512mb + 2x128mb)