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  1. Help me please :)

    So , I have to download a retail DVD from apple or a distro like iAtkos. What are you seggesting to me ? I have to firstly insert a newcoms mod cd then when it asks I have to insert this retail DVD 10.6.3 right ? I am asking becouse I have done this one time , mac os x was installed and when restarting it says kernel panic can you please giude me step by step Please buddy PS : can I upgrade to Lion than ?
  2. Help me please :)

    Hello everybody !! I am Albanian so please forgive me for my english This is my first post so be gentle on me if I have posted it in the wrong category I am a windows user and I want to convert my PC to a Mac OS X system. Can someone giude me step by step. I have read all the giudes that says that we have to use a USB 8gb and a Mac os x system to make it bootable. I dont have a mac system to make it bootable so please help me to turn in a Mac user. I have only have this system reqiurements to start the giude :( Motherboard : Asus M3N78-VM CPU : AMD Athlon II 2.9 GHZ X3 435 RAM : 3GB DDR2 (800 mhz) GPU : Nvidia 8200 m (Upgrated to Nvidia 440 GT ) OS : Windows 7 ( can install 32 bit and 64 bit ) SATA HDD 320 GB + 120 GB IDE I got a Flash drive 2Gb DVD - RW And olso i have attached my system informations. Please help me Thanks in advance. DxDiag.txt