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  1. hi everyone, one question to op and ppl "who knows better". Is there a solution for someone who dont have mac and external dvd (other than buy mac/usb-dvd) to create that bootable pendrive? at linux or windows? anyone tryed?
  2. MSI WIND U270 few questions from a newbie

    Hi, first of all greetigs to community of this forum. Second i want to apologize that im (probably) making a mistake for posting this topic (i read "read before post" but...) 1. I want to install any working lion on my u270 so probably if not 10.8 (coz i cant ask and you all working on it at the moment) then i would like to instal i.e. 10.7. But im a newbie in this subject, and rly dont know what would be better for me So my first question is: What distribiution of mac os i should/could instal on msi wind u270, so that i can use ios sdk availible at iOS Dev Center 2. I searched for "how to" instal os from pendrive... and find only how to do it using mac. What when someone dont have a mac and dont have dvd drive. Is there are no option for windows/linux on pc users? 3. I find myself in this situation only coz i want to try making apps for ios (im java and c++ dev) its strange for me that you can write something only using mac platform totaly unfriendly policies imo. And now im asking for info/help and thank you for it in advance. msi wind u270: cpu: DualCore AMD E-450, 1646 MHz (16.5 x 100) mobo: MSI Wind U270 (MS-1245) chipset: AMD Hudson-1, AMD K14 memory: 2x 2 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM gpu: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics (512 MB)