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  1. Good evening Maldon I finally arrive to fix the post installation when I copied the clover folder from my USB key in the EFI of my hard disk and it is working I round ethernet kext for the intel chip but no for the atheros 2500 ( I just need to have time to search ) and I have no sound at all ( will find that too) i met a problem with the GPU GTX 960 the webdriver are updated but when I choose them in clover during the boot sequence the display came black. I tried with nv_disable =1 but no GPU detected do you think AGDPfix will solve this problem cause I choose SMBios iMac 17,1 with running with ATI GPU thank you for your help the set up is GA Z270X gaming 7. I7 7700K .GTX 960 16 gb RAM
  2. Hello today I arrive to install Sierra on my son's machine GAZ270 gaming 7 I7 7700K he is happy thank you very much Maldon for sharing your folder rest to fix post install ( I will try that tomorrow )
  3. fotograf59

    I3 3225 ram boitiers

    suite au boost d'une config j'ai a vendre 1 processeur I3 3225 3,3ghz 3m de cache HD 4000 avec ventirad , boite et facture d'origine 70 euros à débattre lien 4 giga de Ram ( 2x2) Kingston DDR3 1333 Mhz 30 euros à débattre 1 boitier Thermaltake LANBox VF1000BWS avec alimentation 480w ( neuve). pour carte microatx 60 euros à débattre lien 1boitier mini ITX Eolize SVD-NC11-4 + alimentation 300w (boitier petit serveur avec 4 tiroirs pour DD 3.5 ). 80 euros à débattre lien localisation Nord de la France proximité frontière belge envois possible VENDUS
  4. fotograf59

    sleep issue El capitan on GA Z77N wifi

    Easy fix: System Preferences/Energy Saver/Wake for network access/Disable i allready do that but still not working
  5. fotograf59

    sleep issue El capitan on GA Z77N wifi

    Good evening the wake reson is Oct 17 00:35:06 iMac-de-Thc kernel[0] <Notice>: Wake reason: GLAN XHC i use clover with el capitan i read that i could patch the dsdt file how i can do that please for now this is the only issue i have all the rest is working fine thank you
  6. fotograf59

    sleep issue El capitan on GA Z77N wifi

    thank you for the answers @Slice i got that on system.log Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc kernel[0]: full wake request (reason 1) 27522 ms Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc CommCenter[333]: Telling CSI to exit low power. Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc WindowServer[150]: CGXDisplayDidWakeNotification [80691570619]: posting kCGSDisplayDidWake Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc WindowServer[150]: handle_will_sleep_auth_and_shield_windows: Deferring. Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc loginwindow[89]: ERROR | -[LWBuiltInScreenLockAuthLion closeAuthAndReset:] | Attempted to remove an observer when not observing Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc identityservicesd[291]: <IMMacNotificationCenterManager: 0x7fc202734990>: notification observer: com.apple.iChat notification: __CFNotification 0x7fc2026436a0 {name = _NSDoNotDisturbDisabledNotification} Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc identityservicesd[291]: <IMMacNotificationCenterManager: 0x7fc202734990>: NC Disabled: NO Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc identityservicesd[291]: <IMMacNotificationCenterManager: 0x7fc202734990>: DND Enabled: NO Oct 9 23:01:06 iMac-de-Thc identityservicesd[291]: <IMMacNotificationCenterManager: 0x7fc202734990>: Updating enabled: YES (Topics: ( )) i think it is coming from the screen tomorrow i l check with another smbios as mini mac or mac pro @ magnifico i tryed a few times your code in terminal but it don't work i will try again tomorrow it comes late here anyway thank you very much for your help
  7. Hello all i meet sleep issue on this mobo with el capitan ( i still not check with an other OSX) the computer goes in sleep (take a vey long time) then after 3 seconds it start back i used clover i have a mobo GA Z77N bios F3 with an I5 3470 and a ilittle NVIDIA GT620 8GB RAM thank you for you answer
  8. fotograf59

    PROBLEME ntfs

    probleme ecriture NTFS Bonjour j'ai un ssd avec ML et un 2TO en ntfs pour le stockage suite a un crash j'ai du faire un reset mon il m'est desormais impossible d'ecrire sur le disque NTFS alors qu'auparavant ca marchait nickel j'ai deja essaye plein de truc mais rien ne fonctionne j'ai essaye avec un autre disque connecte en usb et j'arrive a ecrire dessus le disque est il a reformaté j'utilise tuxera et j'ai essaye auparavant plein d'autre methodes rien n'y fait est ce que cela pourrai eventuellement venir d'un parametres du bios quand je lis les informations du disque il est en lectrure seule meme batchmod je n'arrive pas merci
  9. Hello here is my Hardware motherboard ABIT AN8 SLI NFROCE 4 processor AMD 4200+ SOCKET 939 ram 4 GIGABIT DDR graphic card NVIDIA 7600 GT actually my computer is working when i choose 10.6.1 on Hazard but when i select at the installation the 10.6.2 combo it says that the installation is correct but at the step of "do you already own a mac " i choose "don't transfert my information" then click on continue and the computer stay at this step blocked without error message or au other message is there any other things to do (i m beginner and maybe i miss something important) to update to 10.6.2 or 10.6.4 or 10.6.8 cause i have some software wich can't run with the 10.6.1 version the systems is running now in english language any possibility to make it run in french please
  10. Bonjour j'ai reussi une installation en version 10.6.1 de cette distribution sur ABIT AN8 sli avec proc 4200+ graphique NVDIA 7600 GT et 4GIGA de ram DDR quand je coche version 10.6.2 dans la personalisation ,l'installation reussie mais ca se bloque à la premiere mise en route sur "do you really own a mac" quand je coche "do not transfert my information now" et clique sur continue la machine se bloque et impossible de revenir en arriere j'aimerai aussi passer en langue francaise mais je ne sais comment proceder il y a t'il une MAJ plus récente qui passerai ? et comment l'installer sans faire une reinstallation complete merci