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  1. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    Actually, every processor on the current Intel line has SSE3. Said and done.
  2. .............

    Duron won't run it either. nor will the C3, but that is quite nice.
  3. Moving to another Hard Disk

    That didn't work for me...is there any other way? [edit] I just remembered the disc that came with my 37.6G drives..I'll give that a try.
  4. Moving to another Hard Disk

    Okay, here's the deal. I have OS X currently running, by dd'ing it to a spare 6.5G hard drive I had laying around. Now, I have a 37.6G drive that is now initialised and mounted in OS X. Now, I want to ditch the 6.5G in favour of the 37.6G, so I can have plenty of free space available. Keep in mind, my deadmoo image is gone now that i have formatted the 37.6G drive. how would I transfer the complete contents of the boot drive to the 37.6G (including boot sector) and be able to then take out the 6.5G and throw the 37.6 on primary master and boot from that? And then after that, be able to directly copy the 37.6G drive to another 37.6G drive... I'd prefer to do this all in OS X-86, as I am not a Windows user.
  5. GRUB

    How do I set up GRUB to boot up my Mac OS X drive? (deadmoo image) It's at /dev/hdb And it's on a partition on my primary /dev/hda4 I tried before from readng the wiki, and it just wouldn't boot. not even a darwin screen.
  6. Boot problems

    Thank you And as far as GRUB is concerned, how did you go about that?
  7. Boot problems

    Hello, I am using the deadmoo image attempting to run OS X natively, and so far I have tried two methods, neither have worked. First method: dd if=./tiger-flat-x86.img of=/dev/hdb This is after I used cfdisk to set up a 6.5G partition of type "AF" on the second hard drive. No luck. Results in "Boot failure" Second method: dd if=./tiger-flat--x86.img of=/dev/hda4 skip=63 Copyng to partition type "AF" on my primary hard drive, then using GRUB to attempt to boot it. GRUB doesn't want to boot it.. I'm not even getting this Darwin screen I've heard about. What exactly is going wrong here? System is a Intel D850MV board with a 1710MHz Pentium 4, running Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (sarge) as it's primary OS.